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QTLS Portfolio Review

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by IndianaJ97, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. IndianaJ97

    IndianaJ97 New commenter

    Hi all, hope I've posted in the right forum, apologies if not! Does anyone know how long SET take to "review" the QTLS portfolios? I submitted mine in February and have received conflicting information from SET as to how long the review takes - their website says I should hear by the end of April, a telephone helpline person said I'd hear by the end of March... The sense of urgency is brought about by my wanting to jump from FE into mainstream teaching but I need QTLS in place before I can start applying for jobs...
  2. Jon_Gretzky

    Jon_Gretzky New commenter

    Have a look at this nice forum
    it will probably give you a first idea.
    At least it did it for me, and I am about to register my interest in QTLS early next month.

    My information is that it will take 8 weeks after submission deadline. As to the urge... why not say in the applications that QTLS is under construction?

    While we're at it...
    I am a bit lost myself about what exactly they want to see and hear (or read).
    Any chance you can share some information with me (either in private or on that forum)?
    If so, please use jgr-27-AT-web-DOT-de (remove the dashes and replace the 'at' / 'dot' with the usual characters)

  3. IndianaJ97

    IndianaJ97 New commenter

    Hi Jon, after much waiting (six weeks!!!) my portfolio has been reviewed and I've got QTLS :)
    Don't wish to appear rude but the portfolio is quite personal - it's very "me me me" in format and I'm not sure how it'd help anyone else if I shared mine. If you do it through SET their notes are fairly self explanatory and the online portfolio has tips about what they're looking for too. Good luck!
  4. Bethallison

    Bethallison New commenter

    Hi Jon, I also began my QTLS application in April and after trailing every forum I could find, i'm still not really any clearer of the expectations of the portfolio. How have you got on with starting it? Any ideas you could share? I understand its primarily evidence based, but advice on format and information that needs to be included would be so helpful! Thanks :)
  5. Teachhelpme123

    Teachhelpme123 New commenter

    Are you able to teach in secondary schools with the QTLS? have you had any issues with your QTLS in getting a job with a maintained school?

    I am deciding whether to accept a FE PGCE at the moment and am concerned that even with QTLS my secondary teaching opportunity will be limited....

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