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QTLS, L5 and future teaching if you haven't got these

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by pepsidrinker, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Hi shirtandtie and all, hope this thread is still open.
    I have a question of my own (in some way part of it has already been answered). I will introduce myself first and then the question will follow.
    My name is Shaun, I live in the East Riding of Hull.
    I work (teach) for a private provision for people (adults, young adults) with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The learners access a variety of courses including; Foundation Learning i.e. lifeskills, social and vocational etc. The organisation I work for is franchised via a large FE college in Hull. I have worked for this organisation for 9 years as a trainer and tutor in the post-compulsory sector.
    In 2004-2005 I completed the 730/7. In 2009 I began the Cert Ed (2 years). I have just completed the Cert Ed. I am now in the process of achieving the QTLS. I will acheive the QTLS this year 2011. So I should be okay on the `qualified to teach score? Correct me if i'm wrong!!!
    Okay...my question is this; what is the deadline for people who teach now but do not hold a level 5 teaching qual i.e. the PGCE or Cert Ed or DTTLS?) I was under the impression that you needed to be in training for the level 5 or already have it by a certain year i.e. 2012. The reason I ask is this; I know of at least 2 peolpe who teach in `post-compulsory education but do not hold the level 5 or are even in training for it...how do they stand on the being allowed to still teach? Do they need to be qualified or in training (level 5) by a certain year i.e. 2012?
    Hope you can enlighten ME.


  2. It depends entirely when they were first employed to teach.
    My reading is that if they were first employed in a full teaching role after 1st September 2007 then they must achieve the 'preparing to teach award' within one year and the L5 and QTLS within 5 years of being first employed.
  3. That is also my understanding.
  4. Okay...yes, they have been employed to teach full role since about 2002, so thats after 2007...so they are ok in that respect. They have the 730/7, i guess that is the preparing to teach award, they got that in 2004. Ok so its now 2011...that means they need a L5 qual before Aug 2012? Then after that they need the QTLS...is that right.
    It sounds to me that if anyone is not in training `now` or on a L5 qual by Sept 2011 they've had it! is that right?

    Cheers for the info.
  5. 2002 is before 2007, and it's not okay since they would appear to have failed to comply with the 2001 regulations which as I understand it would have required them to have achieved the Cert Ed, or equivalent qualification, within 2 years.
    No. Unless they comply with the 2001 regulations then it would appear they are already breaking the law.
    No. You only need to obtain QTLS if you began teaching after 1/9/07.
    No. It entirely depends upon when you were first employed in a full teaching role.
  6. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Time to get real.
    There will be clauses allover the place that means unqualified staff will continue to teach in F E.
    I couldn't dream that there will be a day when you must be qualified to teach in F E.
    It's all smoke and mirrors.
    A PGCE F E means nothing. DTLLS FTLLS or whatever they're called and all those other weird courses showed us the value of a proper PGCE FE from a proper teacher training college.
    If Mary is Sarah's team leader and they tick all the little boxes on the form, Sarah will get her DTLLS or whatever it is called. Mary will have a meeting and fail to observe Sarah teaching. It's a laugh isn't it. Mary giggles, Sarah giggles and the boxes are ticked.
    Now there will be new rules to be broken and there will be loads of giggling and ticking of boxes and pieces of paper with weird acronyms handed out so you can teach in F E.
    There'll be one date by which you have to be qualified and then another date by which if you weren't qualified it means the other date isn't applicable.
    It's not even worth reading the literature on the issue.
    Remember, there are no standards in F E.

  7. Jude...I applaud you!!!
    In a nutshell...that's pretty much it isn't it?!!
    I was heading towards that veiw myself, its all date this and year that, QTS here and QTLS there, if you've not done this then ye can't do that, but you can do this if ye cat was born in 1945 with only 3 legs!!! its all a load a bull!
    Anyway i'm off to do me BA in Sept.

    Cheers Jude
  8. Me too. It's a dog's dinner.
  9. <font size="2">Sorry, but I'm still confused.</font>
    <font size="2"> </font><font size="2">From what I have read on some of the threads, it would seem that I may not be fully qualified to teach in FE as I gained by PGCE and Level 4 subject specialism in the summer of 2007 and did not actually take up my present post until November 2007.</font><font size="2">However, when I applied for the "Golden Hello", I was told that I was not eligible as I had been employed to teach in the distant past - teaching Shorthand and Typing to adults at a private secretarial college, on a part time basis for a period of 3 years in the 1980s, although I held no formal teaching qualification at the time - but, therefore, in their eyes, my current post was not my first teaching role and I therefore could not claim the Golden Hello.</font><font size="2">So, am I qualified to teach in FE or not? My quals would seem to say I am not whereas the reasons for refusing me the Golden Hello would say that my first teaching post was prior to Sept 2007 which is, I believe, the all important date re these quals.</font> <font size="2">Incidentally, I do also have a Masters (in Literature) and am currently studying for the MA in Education.</font>

  10. They took the view that any previous teaching disbarred an application for the Golden Hello.
    Can't see any problem with the teaching qualification. The need for an L4 or above subject qualification depends upon what you teach.
    Here's where it gets tricky. If this had been your first teaching post in FE then you would need to apply for QTLS within five years. But because you had been employed before 1/9/11 then there is some question whether or not you do.
    My advice; apply for QTLS whether or not you need it because that way you will become bomb proof, and it's really no more than a (somewhat tedious) paper exercise. And if there is a problem, then the process will highlight it.
  11. should read 'before 1/9/07'
  12. Again I agree with S+T (we will disagree eventually).
    If you go throught the QTLS process you will be reassured that you have exactly what is needed raher than being a little uncertain. It is only a paper process, just on PebblePad to make it seem spanglier, so grit your teeth and get it done. You'll find the "notice of intention" dates on IfL site under Applying for QTLS(or some such stupid name anyway).

  13. Insightful.
    I wish Mary had been my team leader. Maybe then I'd still have a job...
  14. Many thanks S&T and Pobble for your kind advice.

    I am off to look at the website now - suppose I will HAVE to renew my membership now just to get this moving

    Thanks again

  15. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    F E and the TARDIS effect.
    From outside it looks really nice and neat.
    Once you get in you soon realise what a shtheap it really is.
    Something happened around 1990 when colleges received a consignment of blue-painted steel tubes to erect at the front door.
    Then came Logomania. Lots of green and some more blue and curves that didn't quite intersect.
    Then the obese managers arrived and our technical colleges, basic skills provision, night schools and A levels and the canteen where you could have a smoke died.
  16. Oh how I yearn for technical colleges! I may teach A Levels (weird, I know) but I love a good technical course! They need to be brought back NOW!

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