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QTLS, L5 and future teaching if you haven't got these

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by pepsidrinker, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. So what exactly does QTLS involve?
    Is my degree then a L4 qualification?
    In which case a Masters L5?

    Many thanks
  2. It's all a job creation scheme for the bureaucrats. Thank goodness I got my Cert Ed and have taught in FE since the 1990s.
  3. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    The fact that here in May 2010 posters are still having to ask about the process shows that the IfL has failed.
    Check out the people who started it. I bet they were all in the sea cadets at some time.
    The IfL Call Centre hotline will be ringing off the hook.
    I find the IfL have no respect for qualifications.
    Understanding them is an exercise in Lifelong Learning.
  4. If you wish to teach in skills for life - literacy, numeracy or ESOL you will also need an additional diploma at level 5. This is a subject specific teaching qualification which has been introduced due to concerns of the teaching qualiy in SfL.

  5. Thanks RM
    I'm glad someone clarified that one.
    Some posters clearly think that the SfL requirement for L5 literacy/numeracy applies to the whole of FE.
    I was beginning to get worried - I only have O-levels !!!
  6. I hope you're joking. If you only have O levels, you should not be teaching.
    It is unfortunately a truth universally acknowledged that everyone thinks they can teach. Graduates do PGCEs today like people did secretarial courses thirty years ago - as a fall-back if all else fails. We should be jumping through the hoops for teaching qualifications to prove to ourselves and others that we have learned something and are able to benefit others by it. I hate the way my children are being 'taught' by unqualified parents who become classroom assistants because it fits in with school holidays. My Cert Ed was the most useless waste of time because it was delivered with exactly the attitude displayed here - as a form filling exercise by the most uninspiring 'experienced' teachers imaginable.
    CPD is necessary. Teaching is about learning and until teachers in all levels of education stop considering themselves God's gift just because they've been doing it for more than 2 years education in this country will become stultified.
  7. Huh???
    Double huh?

    Sorry spikycat, but you seem to be on a different bus there!
  8. Just to clarify; the point that I was making was I only have Level 2 English and Maths (previous posters have suggested that you need L5). I also have a first class honours degree amongst many other qualifications, and of course not to mention QTS and QTLS.
    Last year I posted over 70 hours. I've been trying to do less this year. I usually meet the requirements by the end of the first term.
  9. I'm with you on this one Spikeycat. I teach the L5 course for Skills for Life Literacy tutors and find that there are quite a few people who think that because they can speak English, they can teach it! No matter how hard we work to teach and model good teaching practice some people are just not cut out to be a teacher.
  10. OK! So it's just slam the teacher time without reading or understanding the context of a post.
    Like S+T I have a range of qualifications but not L5 numeracy/literacy. Why not? I don't need them! I don't teach a subject that requires them and so am not required to have them. I DO have L7 for my subject and the pre-requisite L5 teaching cert.
    Other subjects, e.g. Maths and English and the FS etc, should need them. THAT is the distinction S+T was trying to make (I think).

  11. Indeedy.
  12. OK I think I'm more lost reading these posts than I was before, to clarify
    I am QTLS Cert Ed and hold, obviously level 2 in Numeracy and Literacy
    I wish to teach in colleges skills for life, so my understanding is that I will need a additional diploma in teaching numeracy and literacy and ICT in order to do this.
    Is this correct as my understanding was that you could teach to the same level you had yourself.

  13. ask the IfL - as a member they will tell you
  14. Are you sure?
    If you have just passed your cert then you are NOT QTLS, You have taken the first step towards achieving it and need to gain a couple of years experience before you can apply. You MUST apply within 5 years of certification if it certified after Sept 2007.
    A lot of newly qualifieds are given the impression they are automatically QTLS on certification but a quick look at IfL info will explain the details. It is one of the areas I find quite scandalous - your training provider should know this!
    As for the FS you will find that different colleges ask for different skills on taking up a post. Some will happily ask for those 'prepared to achieve' certification on the job.
    Best advice is to check the IfL site and all job adverts and see what comes up.
  15. Just a cautionary tale really that this does need to be taken seriously... I have been working in FE for 5 years, am a grade 1 teacher and didn't fully understand the regs surrounding the QTLS thing- and I have just found out that I have lost my job (which I love) as I don't have QTLS and did not complete my teaching qualification in time, despite the fact that there are unqualified, grade 3/4 teachers still working here happy as Larry who don't need to achieve QTLS just because they happened to start teaching before 2000.
    Don't make the same mistake I did!! Make sure that you are 100% sure what the regulations are, and don't rely on your Head of Department or HR Team to tell you- until it's too late!! The College don't want to get rid of me as I'm a good teacher, but they have no choice as it's legislation... [​IMG]

  16. Really?
    It won't be because you don't have QTLS for one very specific reason - It's 5 years from September 2007 - so at the very least you have 18 months left in which to get QTLS.
    Make your expression of intent by the April deadline get QTLS in December waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of shedule! Hell you could even leave until April 2012!

    So that leaves the grade 1 teacher - do you mean you have PTLLS and have not progressed to CTLLS/DTTLS or something else??
    The only L1 I can find is a TA cert!

  17. Thank you for this, but are you absolutely sure? I don't have ANY teaching qualification, other than year 1 of my PGCE (year 2 was incomplete- long story- not my fault- the College I was studying at didn't submit my final unit to the awarding University), so I haven't previously worked in schools, etc. and I don't hold QTS. HR told me it was 5 years from when I started (ie. 2005)

    The grade 1 refers to my observation grade! (ie. outstanding...yes, I finally got it after years of grade 2s!!!)

    Can someone please clarify because, if this changes things I need to let HR know as soon as possible!!
  18. Packer
    I think two things are being mixed up here.
    There is the need to obtain QTLS which began in 2007 and must be obtained within 5 years of qualification.
    Then there is the need to have a recognised teaching qualification which, I think, began in 2005, possibiliy earlier.
    The problem is you have no teaching qualification at all, and whether that is your fault or not, it is your and your employers responsibility to remedy the problem.
    You have no choice, you must obtain a L5 teaching qualification (e.g. DTTLS) and then subsequently apply for QTLS.
    I don't understand how the situation has been allowed to persist for so long. Given your ability then I would have thought your employer would have been only be too happy to assist you gaining the DTTLS which is normally obtained via day release over two years.
  19. Thanks shirtandtie, I thought as much. [​IMG]
    I have contacted the University involved and I wouldn't even have to retake the entire DTLLS qualification, just the second year as I can APL the first year of my PGCE.
    However, I am in quite a fortunate position at the moment that I don't have any significant financial commitments and I am still young(ish!), so I am considering doing my Masters degree instead of completing my DTLLS and seeking work elsewhere.
    My employer have said that they don't want to lose me, but don't seem to be giving me any flexibility to complete the qual. I'm not being self-pitying...I should have chased up my certificate back in 2007 when I completed the qual, not waited for HR to remind me! These things happen. Perhaps it's fate telling me that teaching's not for me! : ) [​IMG]


  20. He is good, and far quicker than me!

    You have no teaching qualification... so S+T is quite right you MUST
    achieve an L5 qualifivcation and your employer should support you in
    that - all FE colleges recruit unqualified staff and train them up so I
    too would have thought it would have been automatically organised for
    If you know that you can APL your PGCE then I would have imagined your college would have lept at the chance to throw you through the course quickly!
    Have you spoken to HoD and HR with a CPD form in your hand??? It seems a pity to leave the job now??!!
    Good luck, I hope you get more support from them!


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