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QTLS > QTS Confusion

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by danny86, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. With the recent news that QTLS will be valid to teach in schools it has made me think a little more about my career path. Im currently on the home straight of my PGCE in FE or DTLSS or whatever they wish to call it to confuse everyone these days.

    I would like to be able to teach in a school setting as well as FE to broaden my options, yes perhaps I should of done a PGCE with QTS in the first place but I was a late applicant. After my PGCE, I will need to apply for QTLS, can I do this immediately or do I need to be in employment first (or perhaps even voluntary if needed?) and then when that is gained I will be able to look at teaching in schools. My subject is PE and there is quite a difference between the lecturing of sport studies and the usual practical sessions in a school and teaching GCSE, currently I am teaching A Level & BTEC. Will I be able to teach those levels straight away in a school? I was wondering if anyone could clear it up and also any advice, I was thinking about asking to volunteer and go into my local school to gain more experience at secondary if it is the case that we can cross over any suggestions on what is needed?

  2. Not sure that the pathway is that clear yet. When you achieve your DTLSS I would recommend that you register and obtain your QTLS quickly - firstly this is the easiest route as you will have all your qualification evidence and teaching hours etc but also because this is going to become a cost item soon (according to the IfL in Jan 11 anyway) - I know I returned to work and got a few colleagues who hadnt bothered to get registered rather than pay a bill which could be £200-400. The impression is that as QTLS that you will be able to deliver in schools from that point - I am less convinced in the real way that I think you mean and therefore you may need to apply for the QTS. I cant say what this means - all I know is that as someone who has QTLS when I looked at teaching pre-16 I was told that although I would need to do a full application and assessment to be sure I would be likely to have to do a few months of update training and submissions to prove competence at the standards for QTS. I fear that you will only find out fully on application.
    Volunteering in schools would definately help any application (I am also a school governor and on recent shortlisting this went down well)
    Well done on your work to date and good luck with whereever it leads you. With all the politics it is easy to loose sight of the gift that is teaching and training

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