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QCT teacher registration troubles!

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by amydaviess66, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. amydaviess66

    amydaviess66 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could help!

    I am a Secondary English Teacher in the Uk and I am moving to Brisbane end of December. I have a working holiday visa for now but have started the 189 visa for a more permanent option. In regards to securing a teaching job, I have has my AITSL assessment approved as suitable and then went on to apply for my teacher registration through QCT. For weeks they have had all the required documents and references and all fees have been paid so I thought and assumed everything was going ok just taking a while because i am an overseas applicant. However, just yesterday I was told by QCT that my PGCE is not acceptable for teacher registration. This threw me as I had been accepted by AITSL. They are claiming it is not one year of higher education full time and that it is not academic enough. I went through the school direct route but still attended University days, lectures and completed all the PGCE academic assessments. I have the Masters PGCE certificate as well as my QTS. What is going on? Help?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. kaylawilson4

    kaylawilson4 New commenter Tes Australia careers peer advisor

    Hi @amydaviess66

    I'm sorry to hear you are having such trouble with your registration!! I know it can be a very frustrating process with lots of hoops to jump through, and it sounds like you've gone through all the right channels.

    I am unable to provide too much advice as I don't work for the QCT - registration for overseas applicants can be a very nuanced and the QCT ultimately makes the final decision on registration.

    In my experience, QTS from the UK is also a tricky grey area in terms of 'like for like' qualifications in Australia as we don't have such programs, so I'm confused that you've had your AITSL Qualification Assessment approved but this is not being recognised by the QCT.

    I would definitely recommend calling and speaking to the QCT directly if you haven't done so already, they are really the only ones who can give you further advice on your next steps as they are the authority on this in Queensland. If there is still a problem with getting your qualification recognised by the QCT I would ask them what steps you could take to get registered. I would also call AITSL and ask for advice as well on what you can do next.

    It sounds like an awful situation and I wish you the best in getting everything sorted. Let me know how you get on, I hope you get a positive outcome!
  3. whelanjess93

    whelanjess93 New commenter

    Hi @amydavis66 Just came across your post as I am also looking into teaching in Brisbane.
    I am in Irish woman currently working over in the UAE as a kindergarten teacher at primary school level. I have started the PGCEI and hope to do the fast track route and finish in November. Then I hope to head out to Brisbane to teach. I have been in contact with the teaching council in Queensland and then said that they can't give me any information until my course is complete. They said they course I am doing should be recognised but that I would also have to have 45 days of supervised teaching which I guess is the QTS. I informed them that the school I am currently working in that I had to go undergo a 6 month probation period and would that count and then told me if would be considered.
    Have you heard anything about the PGCEI from the university of Nottingham?
    And how did you get on with your application were you successful?

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