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QCA Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'Primary' started by want2teach40, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. So using QCA schemes = rubbish teaching & learning? What an assumption!!!
    You don't know what use people may be making of the schemes and how they are incorporating them into their teaching & learning. Many people on this thread have already said that they offer ideas and a starting point, especially for a subject that is not their specialism. Therefore they can be useful.
    Can't help with where to find them I'm afraid.

  2. Your school can't afford 48 quid?
  3. Five minutes of googling will get you better stuff.
    The trouble is, far too many teachers DON'T use the QCA schemes as just a starting point - it's the end point too.
  4. psychosian

    psychosian New commenter

    Echoing much of what's been said here already. I've spent time over the last couple of days trying to find the QCA stuff, with no luck until now. In the meantime I've found useful resources from other sites, but still didn't find everything I wanted.
    I have always used the QCA as a starting pooint but have never actually followed exactly what it says. It is an excellent starting point where things like objectives and so on are already grouped together. I have way too much to do as a teacher anyway, without needing to completely rewrite every single plan from scratch from the NC.
    I also use Hamilton (our teachers all subscribe as individuals as its cheaper than the school subscription because we're a small school), but use that as a starting point too, because that is also sometimes 'interesting'.
    So thank you to the person who put the link to the archive!
  5. No we haven't even got £48!
  6. Neither have we( got £48) and that was an extremely patronising comment!! We are facing a £40,000 cut to our budget and will not be buying anything...just hoping to get paid!!
  7. Hi, I was struggling when trying to follow the different links on the messages as most would not open or would take me no further than the cover page for the site, but I managed to find a way on and thought I would share it with anyone else struggling like me! This is the link to the page:
    An archived version of the Schemes of Work (SoW) can be found at National Archives (Standards) Schemes of work.
    In case this doesn't work all I did was type "standards site" into google and clicked on the top link (standards.dscf.gov) it then gave the above link to the archives and from here you can download the units, save them and I think print them! I agree they are a fantastic starting point and really hope this helps anyone else who was struggling with a topic to plan!
  8. I'm a trainee teacher specialising in science and I think the QCA schemes are useful as a starting point. I use them for my own teaching during placement because the school uses them, but I don't follow them exactly. I think they can act as a good starting point but I always adapt them and I've been told my science lessons are good. The children certainly seem to enjoy them and gain a lot from them. I wouldn't say they were useless. It depends on how the teacher uses them.

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