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QCA Optional Tests - Year 4 and Year 5

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Dare2Bear, May 4, 2008.

  1. Me too! I need the timings for Year 5 reading! Would be really grateful if anyone could help.
    Thank you x
  2. Am 90% sure it is 15 minutes reading time then 1 hour writing for y5 (for the reading test) then 20 minutes for the shorter writing and 45 minutes for the longer writing (i don't have my guide at home tho...that would make me very sad if i am right!!)
  3. I thought for year 5 it was 15 minutes reading time and then 45 minutes to answer the questions?
  4. Is there anything on the QCA site that might help you. Can't remember and it has been a couple of years since I did them.
  5. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    No, I could not find any useful info on the QCA site.:(
    I think because you have to buy the papers they don't put anything on the site!
    Of course, I could be wrong - it isn't the easiest site to navigate and find what you need!
  6. Have got my booklet in front of me for Year 5 English...

    Reading test is 15 minutes reading time and then 45 minutes for children to fill in answer booklet.

    Longer writing is 40 minutes

    Shorter writing is 25 minutes

    The writing tasks include planning time so you are not allowed to give them that extra.

    Hope that helps!
  7. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    Thanks for that Charlie, does anyone have the timings for the Year 4 English tests?

    All the Maths tests are 45 mins aren't they?

    Charlie, do they have to do the reading first?
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Yes, it says that you have to do the reading first as it links to the writing that they then have to do. Says spelling test takes about 10-15 minutes.

    Year 5 maths is 45 mins, not sure about Year 4.

    In Year 5 they all do a paper A (non calculator) and B (calculator) but I think in Year 4 you choose whether to enter them for A or B (both non calculator). Think paper B in Year 4 is for more able. Only think though...

  10. Are the papers the same as the last two years for maths and english for year 4 and 5? The Antartic for year 4 I think?
  11. I think they change next year... maybe. It is the same this year though as far as I know. Changes in Year 5 with persuasive writing and descriptive piece.
  12. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    Yes, it is the Antarctic paper for Year 4 and the Changes paper for Year 5.

    Have a sinking feeling that the year 4 English timings are totally different to the Year 5 timings. I know the Year 5 reading paper is done in one sitting, but the Year 4 is in 2 sessions (it is such a nightmare having a mixed class!). Just wish I could remember the timings!
  13. aloha

    aloha New commenter

    We've just done ours in Y4
    Short writing is 25 minutes-including think time-no planning time-It is on what 2 items to take to Antartica
    Long writing is a diary entry on a day in Antartica and is 40 minutes-which includes 10 minutes planning time.

    Good Luck-i'm glad it's over for me!
  14. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    aloha, can you remember the timings for the reading tests?

    Have you marked yours yet? How have they done?
  15. aloha

    aloha New commenter

    I know it was 25 minutes for the second part and i'm pretty sure it was 30 for the first part-it's quite a lot of reading for them the first part. I'm not marking the reading or maths this year-just the writing. I've not looked through the reading yet but the kids said it was ok. The maths is a nice paper actually and mine did well-they all moved up-phew!!
  16. Hi,,

    You can order the teacher packs from QCA

    This pack contains 1 copy of each test, a teacher's guide which includes a mark scheme, level threshold information and age standardised scores. The audio CD and a transcript of the mental mathematics test are also included (audiotapes can be ordered separately.. Please note that this product is only available to schools and local authorities..

    In stock 1-2 Days

    So £8.00
    £3.75 P&P

    Hope this helps

  17. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    Thanks for that.

  18. I teach year 4 and 5 and was wondering if you gave any of your year 5's the year 4 test as they are working along year4. some teachers in my school mentioned that they would be doing this and i never thought about it. i just think they need to do the test their age group is doing, as if in year 5 then they have to do the SATs next year, but the other teachers think that it could really crush some of the chns confidence. any advice welcome, thanks xx
  19. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    No, we are not allowed to give children tests from different year groups.

    This is why my 10 SEN children will be in the ICT suite doing individual assessments for the whole week!

    We used to give them KS1 or lower year group tests, but our new Assessment Co-ordinator has stopped us from doing that.

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