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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by gingeradonis, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Just been offered a job over in Qatar - really excited but I know there's up's and downs' to the job.

    What is a decent wage over there for a basic teacher with 5 years exp? I was offered 10,000 QR and the usual flat, bills, transport, health care, annual flights home etc.

    It's at a school where the 1st name would fill this gap Olivia........John. Is this school the one that I want? I'll get my coat.
  2. Oof, there are three accidental, deliberate mistakes in my last post. [​IMG]
    The sucked nuts of a Snickers bar to the poster who can spot them...
  3. Salaries in Qatar fluctuate from schools to schools.
    10,000 is a little low. 12,000 i would say is average. Take into consideration the Riyal is based off the US Dollar... In 2008 it was about QR 7 = £1. In 2010 it dropped to as low as QR5.1. Now its about 5.8/9.
    For 5 years teaching experience i would think that you should be getting atleast 12,000 if you were working in some of the larger schools in Doha.

  4. daybreak07

    daybreak07 New commenter

    Hee hee, was that spelling error on purpose or just really unfortunate timing for a mistake??!!
  5. Kan U find the three errors in this sentence?
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    This thread seems to have wandered off topic. I thought that it was supposed to be all about Qatar.
    This morning Mrs Hippo and I went for a pleasant stroll along Doha's pretty Corniche. Last week we went to the superb Dutch Masters exhibition at the Islamic Art Museum. Okay, so Rembrandt was not a Muslim, but who cares? It was a great exhibition and then we went for a walk in the park behind Villaggio. Doha's not so bad!
  7. DohaDave

    DohaDave New commenter

    Which apple school are you talking about? There are 3, one is better than the other 2. Most other schools isn Qatar would not expect you to share accomodation, and yes I agree the salary seems abit low. It's certainly not one of the top schools here.
  8. After investigating the school and the contract on offer I declined the offer. As mentioned 10k QR and shared digs isn't the best. But I think the thought of going to a school with a bad reputation was the biggest problem. I have an interview in Spain tomorrow and although the salary is nowhere near Qatar standards, I'm thinking 2 years of gaining experience at an International school will only stand me in stronger position.
  9. Thanks for the info on this thread. Has helped me make a decision on apple.

    Dont' no if my grammars any better now tho.
  10. Does anyone have experience of / advice about QP? Good school far outweighs boredom factor for me.
  11. rambo12

    rambo12 New commenter

    QP Schools are very very well paid. They pay around £3000 in QR so I have heard?... Not verified this info though.
    I hear the Head at QP Mesiaeed is an excellent chap to work for!
  12. rambo12

    rambo12 New commenter

    QR10,000 is not the highest wage but its an ok amount.
    Some schools pay as little as QR8000-QR17,000.
    QR 10,000 is enough to have an active social life and travel every school holiday.
    I was on QR11,000 and I managed to travel loads and have great fun.
    To be able to do this though dont blow money in the hotels get a liquor licence and have a few drinks before you go out and you will save easy if you want to.
    Many people also would spend alot in the Malls which I dint do.
    Add me as a friend and message me if you want more details on Qatar.


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