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Qatar or UAE Teacher Help

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by isotonic, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter

    Hi all!

    I am an experienced ICT/Computing and Business Studies teacher looking to move to the Middle East (Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah) for Summer 2017.

    I have visited the Middle East (have relatives there) and am fully aware of the climate/culture and religion.

    I have been applying since late 2016 with no luck, well I was offered a place but no education allowance and flights for the children so it worked out not worthwhile.

    Since then I must have sent my application out over 15-20 times to with no luck...

    I have a Master's and extensive experience so I am beginning to think that my status of being married with 3 children could be the reason why I am overlooked?

    I wanted to know if anyone is out there in an international school and could find out if the IT/Business department requires new staff as I know that knowing the right people definitely helps!

    Thank you!
    Much Appreciated.
  2. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    Is your husband a teacher? What will he do? Some schools may thing you actually have 4 dependents and, most schools I know will only allow 2 children per teacher.
  3. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter


    I am the husband! My wife is training to become an early years teacher however if we move it would solely be on my application.

    I wouldn't mind them providing education for 2 children as my third is only 3 and I could afford to pay it, just not all 3!
  4. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    This is not specific to the ME, as it would count for so many countries.

    Its not just the school places that employers consider. You would also need larger accommodation, greater health insurance costs, larger moving allowence and visa costs. All round you become significantly more expensive. I have known of applications rejected instantly because of these extra cost to schools. You are significantly more expensive over a single person with no dependants, and this can make a very big difference to schools recruitment procedures.

    Have you considered widening your search area? Schools in asia in my experience are a little more open to employing people with multiple dependants.
  5. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the advice.. I do think that having a family will be an issue for most schools however we are only interested in moving to the middle east for a variety of reasons. Worse case would be to remain in the UK...
  6. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    If I were you I would focus on either ICT/Computing or Business, not both. What I mean is, don't describe yourself in applications as an ICT/Business Studies teacher as it makes you sound like a bit of a 'jack of all trades' when compared to someone who specialises in one area. If you think about it, ICT and Business Studies are about as unrelated as subjects can be. I know it's the norm in the UK for the ICT teacher to pick up the Business Studies slack though (although I never worked out why).

    As written above, you are competing for every role with people who are probably single, or at the most have one dependent. Why would a school pay more for you? You need to think about focusing on what you think you can offer that others can't when you're filling in your applications. The dependents issue will almost certainly be a major reason for schools not taking a chance on you.

    I would be interested in what your reasons are for choosing only the Middle East are. If it's 'money saving potential' then your information is probably a little outdated. There are better paying places in the world. So unless you have family there, or some other reason you need to be in the Middle East, then I'd widen your net to include Asia.
  7. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the constructive advice. I will have to tailor my CV more. The reason I prefer the Middle East is due to having family closeby and also not being too far from the UK as opposed to Asia.
  8. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I would wait till your wife gains her QTS and gets some experience teaching in the UK, then you can move as a teaching couple.

    Forget working in the ME and head for Asia where the packages on offer are 20-25% better due to the current exchange rates in UK pounds.

    Also read up on ITGS course as many schools mistakenly offer IB instead of A Levels!

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