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Qatar - One Year Later

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by sully007, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. sully007

    sully007 New commenter

    So today marks the anniversary of the blockade by the Gulf Countries. Those of you who have been there before the 'crisis' and are currently still there, have you felt the impact of the blockade? What has been affected?

    A genuine discussion as I'm curios. how this has affected expats in general.
  2. fullblownattack63

    fullblownattack63 New commenter

    My friend moved there in August 2017 and I am moving there in August 2018 (we are both Head of Sociology at nearby schools). I have asked him your question, a lot! Although he wasn't there before the crisis.

    He has only good things to say about life in Qatar so I imagine there is little/no impact on expat life. It appears that Qatar is still the fastest growing economy in the ME, in spite of the trade blockade. Sure, food/drink is pretty pricey out there but it always has been? Not sure the blockade is having any impact on their World Cup developments in Doha either.

    This recent article might help but I would also like to hear more views. Thanks for raising the question Sully!

  3. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Occasional commenter

    I have a former colleague who moved there from the UAE in 2016 and she said that initially there was a bit of panic buying in the supermarkets but other than that it's been business as usual (except that flights are taking longer)

    There's been little impact here in the UAE as far as I have noticed.
  4. sully007

    sully007 New commenter

    Excellent article! It's always good to hear of countries doing well despite regional politics being somewhat sour. Best of luck in your new post and I hope you have a fantastic time out there.

    The panic buying makes sense I suppose. I probably would have done the same. A business class passenger probably doesn't mind the longer flight times! Economy for me, of course, so that's a bummer.
  5. deadly lampshade

    deadly lampshade New commenter

    Life is good. The blockade has forced Qatar to look at providing for itself and that has been done really well. For sure, some things are expensive, but I head back to the UK in a couple of weeks, reflecting on a year in which I've been well paid, I've taught nice kids, I've not shelled out any tax and my family has had two holidays in amazing places. I will be back next year.
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  6. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    We dont see or notice a different on a daily basis. However, the cost of travel is much higher.

    There are less people coming in to the country so the government has made it easier or free for people coming in on tourist visas.
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