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Pushchair advice, please help! Confused!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by betsy66, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. As the title says really! My LO is just 6 months and i've already got through 3. I had the mamas and papas ultima on the traditional chasis which is just too heavy, a lunamix which feels flimsy and a herbie which I loved until it collapsed in the middle of the road today. I want a parent facing one which isn't too expensive and is going to last till I don't need one anymore. Looking at the obaby zezu, icandy cherry, babystyle oyster, Graco symbio or quinny buzz. Haven't actually seen any of them for real and looking on the net is so confusing! Has anyone got any of them? Any other suggestions? It's a minefield!
  2. No experience of those buggies I'm afraid, but if you're looking for suggestiongs, I've had a Petite Star Zia for about a month now and I love it. I wanted something like a Quinny Zapp (to be able to fold down and fit into a tiny space) but was put off that it didn't have a shopping basket, and it couldn't recline either. So I had a look around and found the Zia and I really think it's fab. It does have fairly mixed reviews (I think earlier models had problems with the wheels coming off?!) but I haven't had any problems with it. Here's a pic:
    It's really small when it's folded down and it's so easy to put up and down. I tried to find a 'folded' pic, but struggled!
    Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  3. I have the iCandy Cherry which I love. Sometimes I havea bit of difficulty getting it off the chassis when people have put it on wrong, but other than that it's great! I love the fact it's so light, and the fact that not loads of people have them! LO is 7 months and i still have her parent facing which i love, am sure she should be facing the world!
    Good luck and have fun looking!
  4. Really?! Lots of people have them here.
    I'm afraid the price of the iCandy put me off, but it really is a lovely buggy and I'd have had one in a minute if I could have afforded/justified it!
  5. I have the iCandy apple which I also LOVE but it's so much heavier than the cherry and takes up my whole car- wheels in the boot and pushchair on the back seat. Not ideal, as no room in my car for anything or anyone else! I must admit i was warned that when she hit 6 months I would be buying a small, lightweight stroller, and here I am, lol! I am looking at OBaby and Maclaren. Will be interested to read other responses!
  6. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I have a Bugaboo Cameleon and it's fab (if bulky!) It can be parent facing. It is expensive but I'd rather buy good quality secondhand than something new but cheapy. There's also the Bugaboo Bee, which is smaller and lighter.
    A friend of mine recently got a 'First Wheels City Elite' online (Kiddi something, maybe Kiddicare.com/co.uk??) and it's like a cheaper version of the Bugaboo. It's forward and rear facing too. She seems happy with it.
    Maybe worth a look. Good luck!
  7. I also have the bugaboo cameleon which I love. One of the reason I got it is my friend had one and it lasted five kids and is still going strong. I've seen some going for a good price on ebay. Bugaboo bee looks good as well - and baby can face both ways. A friend has just got the OBaby Zezu which she loves and is similar to bugaboo.
  8. I am in same boat albeit LO is 3 months. I currently have Quinny Buzz (an old model) which feels sturdy but is quite wide and bulky/heavy. Maybe good if you live in the country but first floor flat city dweller like me struggles getting it up/down and on the bus.
    This month a new Quinny Zapp Xtra is coming out which I'm waiting for. It's small and compact like old Zapp but now has a shopping basket, can face both ways, can recline (2 reclines on parent facing, 3 on front facing) and seems to have pretty good hood. Is £225, obv less than some travel systems and that includes raincover and maxi cosi adaptors. As you can tell it slightly excites me :)
    Not sure about the others makes/models though.
  9. if LO is 6mths, i wouldn't be spending lots of money as they will grow so quick you will want a lightweight stroller.
    i have icandy cherry which i loved for my son (now 3yrs) but he'd grown out of by 1yr old and i bought a smaller mclaren. so in psending the cash, you might only use for 6mths. and once they get older they want to look around at things not us mummies, so facing you doesn't see so important anymore.
  10. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    My 8 month old massively grown out of Quinny Buzz, even with bigger baby attachment....bought Hauck Malibu today..£70 lies flat, sits up, very pleased. I totally agree with stripe...this is our third buggy and in total we have spent over £1000 on the damn things....NOT worth it. x
  11. Thank you so much for your replys. I went to a shop today just to 'Look'! I really liked the babystyle oyster and it seemed really light but had a couple of months waiting list. I would love a bugaboo but can't justify the price after getting through so many already!
    The lady in the shop said loads of people have the same problem about them out growing the quinny buzz quickly. So... I moved on to look at the icandy and the cherry seemed lightweight and ideal. Stupidly I then looked at the apple which I fell in love with. Luckily I live in a small village 12 miles from civilisation with a large car boot so it being heavy and large shouldn't be a problem, hope I don't regret it in a few months and wish i'd got a more lightweight one. Also this is my first 'new' pushchair and she said they hold their value well. The shop lady kept going on about how it can turn in to a double so you never know......
    I saw the quinny zapp xtra in the shop and it seemed quite good but felt a bit too flimsy and lightweight and the seat unit also looked small, but then again I had been looking at heavier ones.
    My poor little man got a bit fed up of being dumped in different pushchairs and wheeled round the shop after a while!
  12. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Haha, mine was the same at kiddicare today, bless them. Glad u got your buggy x
  13. Can I ask where? I haven't seen any or heard of any in shops yet only online. Really want to check it out before I commit to buying anything...
  14. Mossop - how is your Zia going? I love the look of these, but it will have to be second hand (probably!) so was wondering if it is still likely to last a while. Also, do you reckon a 3 year old would fit in for occasional rides? Wanting it for my 10 month old, but the 3 yr old still uses the doubles seat on our Phil and Teds quite often - 10 month old could go in the sling,

  15. I saw the quinny zapp xtra in lullabies baby den in Scunthorpe. They have a website and facebook page but I don't think they show their stock on them.
  16. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Believe it or not, though I never would have wanted one before, the old Silver Cross prams are the best! Virtually indestructable, comfiest for baby, he can look in any direction and great for posture and they can sleep in it. And they hold their value so you can sell it on, and you can fit two kids in it no prob. If you want to take it in the car get a foldable one though
  17. It's great clg1 -definitely big enough for a 3 year old I'd say and it seems really sturdy to me. I got ours on ebay for £70-ish - it was a 'seconds' one (i.e. one that had had a fault and was returned to the manufacturer andwas then refurbished and sold on ebay) but it didn't have a mark on it - was as good as new. x
  18. i have the icandy cherry. i like the fact that it is parent facing, and again in my area you just dont see them. however, we have just gone to stroller mode and the side see through bits are ridiculous. they dont keep the sun of baby's face, they let it through! and the size of the hood does nothing for providing shade either. baby spent yesterday turning away from the sun. however, it is very easy to push one handed. the basket is a good size.
    i have friends who have the babystyle oyster, which i almost chose, and love it.
  19. Just brought this htread back up as have decided to use Tesco vouchers to buy our pushchair/stroller, hence it has to be stocked by tesco direct (obviously, lol!) So.... has anyone got a Hauck Turbo (or hauck anything, as it doesn't seem to be a popular brand round here) Or can anyone suggest one that is lightweight, reclines to flat fro sleeping, and folds small?! It is mainly for my Mum as she will be looking after baby one day a wek when I go back to work.
  20. Oh and P.S. Although my gorgeous iCandy Apple is really big and heavy, the shopping basket is FAB! It's the biggest I've seen and the envy of all my friends, lol! ;-)

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