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Push for the end

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by IndigoandViolet, May 6, 2012.

  1. IndigoandViolet

    IndigoandViolet New commenter

    Howdy all,
    Could I have a little emotional support to get to the end of my PGCE please?
    My second (discontinuous) round of Cause for Concern ends next week. Provided I don't do anything stupid (please please please please please) I'll pass with flying colours again.
    I also have a date for the occupational health meeting the proceeds my Fitness to Practice assessment now. 17th May, which is sooner than I feared (I thought they'd keep me waiting for ages)
    That just leaves the actual Fitness to Practice panel to face (argh argh argh, don't think about it, argh) and submitting my final portfolio (I'm still on track for a good overall, but if it drops to satisfactory that's not the end of the world).
    It's pretty much two months to go now. I know the worst is over, but the habit of my tutors to drop a new disciplinary proceedure on my at the end of term means I haven't had a holiday since August, I'm emotionally and physically exhausted and so jaded by the profession that I'm struggling to see the point in completing my course. I've got another termly review to get through this half term, then I get a week in another school and half-term to finish my portfolio. That's 16 teaching days away. Just 8 weeks til my Final Review and I'll never have to deal with my university again.
    Any available jollying to get through that time period would be well received.
  2. Wow, I&V sounds like you're having a tough time! Well done for sticking with it so far, on my last placement I had CFC and at the end was commended for my perseverance and the progress I made. You are so near the end so keep at it.
    Whatever you decide to do after this you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it in spite of the obstacles.
    Good luck!

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