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Puppy help

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ilando, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I know there are lots of animal lovers out there in TES land so thought I would ask for a bit of advice.

    My parents have just both retired and are planning to get a puppy. They are busy looking into what breed to pick but it will certainly be a small type of dog.

    The whole family love animals and would happily spend a fortune at the pet shop- in a bid to try and avoid wasting money, I'd appreciate some help with what toys/equipment you would recommend for a puppy.

    They are keen for the dog to travel in the car with them so again can you please advise what they should buy. I've seen crates, seat belt harness things etc...


  2. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    a crate is fantastic, they give the puppy their own space and they save your house from being chewed to bits!

    I used to think they were cruel until I tried one and would definitely have one again if i had a another puppy. The pup sees it a little den and if used correctly can quickly help with toilet training
  3. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    I'd echo the recommendation of a crate, ilando. Also, Kongs are great for play and chewing/teething. They do a puppy version which we used when our beast was little.
  4. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Definitely crate train the puppy. Very handy when away from home and if you have workers in the house.My little dog still likes to sleep in his at night after 6 years. A harness can be good for the car, attaches to the seat belt to stop him flying off of you brake suddenly, Other than that feed bowls and some toys, something to chase , something to gnaw on and something to play tugsies with.
  5. I think a crate is a good idea, and it can be used in the car and at home. Put his bed in the crate, and his puppy-sized feeding dishes, and a few toys, and he will soon come to recognise it as his own space, and be happy to retreat there when he wants some time on his own.
    Simply put it into the car, either in the boot area, or secured in the back seat for travelling.
    If the dog is going to be loose in the car, I would recommend a seat belt harness.
    Some soft chew toys will be needed for puppy teeth at first and perhaps a furry animal (designed for dogs).
    A soft brush will be good for getting him to used to grooming from the very start.
    A puppy harness and lead to get him used to walking. As well as a puppy collar. I always recommend walking dogs on a harness, as it is better for their necks, apart from anything else.
    I think Manashee recommended a Kong, and you can get them in puppy size.
    A good puppy training book, such as "Complete Idiot's Guide to Dog Training" by Pamela Dennison, and lots of puppy reward treats and/or a clicker will be good.
    It is also a good idea to look for puppy training/socialisation classes, run by someone who uses a positive reenforcement training method.
    Oh and a good, anti-bacterial floor/carpet cleaner ;)

  6. I tried a crate and it's certainly useful to have one but for the car we eventually settled on doggy seat belts. The RAC ones seem to be the softest. In addition to this I have one of those blanket things that attaches to the headrests. This provides a nice cover for the back seat and a sort of cradle effect so the dogs have even more room.
    Apart from that chewy toys and a few soft toys. My collie would be lost without her teddy.
  7. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    forgot about the kong! absolutely wonderful, stuff it with tastey treats and have a bit of peace and quiet and let the little thing wear themself out using their brain trying to get the food out. fantastic invention.

    i can remember buying a device that you put treats in that they have to roll around so that they fall out of the gaps but my dogs idea of getting the treats out was to bite a bigger hole!! Cost me about 7 or 8 quid and lasted about ten minutes!
  8. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    A wee tip re Kong - you can put it in the fridge to cool it down, which can be very soothing for the pup when he/she is teething.
    Ahhhh happy memories of when mine was that little. [​IMG]
  9. One of the best things we found for our puppy was to have some cloths (that don't have bobbly bits on them or anything), wet them and then freeze them. When his gums were sore when he was teething he loved them - crunchy to begin with so they rubbed along his gums, and so cold they must have numbed the pain!! Easy to wet and re-freeze as often as required.
    Agree entirely with the crate/cage thing. My nearly 9-month old puppy still travels in his and he loves it. We have a puppy play pen at home that gives him a bit more room overnight. It's transportable so we take it to friends/on holiday etc as well - definitely wouldn't be without it now!!
  10. My parents are now the proud owers of a ten week old puppy. He is a Cardigan corgi and is very very cute.

    Thanks for the all the advice.
  11. Brilliant little dogs, with a feisty character :)
    It will be loyal, intelligent and easily trained (if a little stubborn).
    I hope they enjoy it :))
  12. Ohhhh how lovely. What's his name?
  13. I have a dog who is an incredibly heavy chewer - bought him a few treat-type toys that have stayed the distance (few things do) - there's a purple dumbell thing you shove treats in the end of that he can chuck up and down and get them out (bought it in Pets at Home) that he LOVES, and also have a Kong Wobbler - like a huge red Kong but a wobbly weighted one (like Weeble) with a hole in that dispenses one bit of kibble at a time and keeps him busy for hours chasing around the kitchen.
    Other toy he really loves is a Kong Wubba - not only does it squeak (and still squeaks after attention at the hands of his loving jaws), but it's a nice retrieve toy and tug of war and he can shake the dangly bits around out of the end of his mouth and live out all his "woo I actually caught a squirrel" fantasies.

  14. Mom and dad can't agree on a name...

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