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Puppy advice please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by happy_monkey, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Got a puppy about 6 weeks ago, he's about 15 weeks old and am having major problems with toilet training. Got the puppy pads to begin with and he was great with using those instead of going on the carpet but can't seem to transfer this to him going outside. I live 3 floors up which makes it more difficult I think. He has been staying with my mum for the last week and has apparently been great, I think possibly taking the lead from her 2 dogs and has been going outside and not having any accidents. But at hers the door was constantly open and he could go in and out as he wanted. At home he seems to wait until he's back inside no matter how long I take him out for and I'm taking him out about once an hour to try to encourge him to go out there.
    Anyway after that long winded explanation I'm hoping someone might have some tips or advice for me that would help? Would be very much appreciated.
  2. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Move the puppy pads as near to the door as you can - they will normally try to pee as near to the door as they possibly can anyway.
    See if you can find a pattern to your puppy's toileting - after he eats, sleeps etc - and try to pre-empt his going inside by taking him outside. Also, if you see him sniffing around a lot and circling it is a good sign he is looking for somewhere to go.
    I would try to teach him a "toilet" command. When you take him outside, watch him closely and as soon as he starts to go to the toilet, give your command (we use "go toilet" but you can use whatever you like, as long as it is short), swiftly followed by a yummy treat - a piece of cheese or chicken or something. Do this every time he goes to the toilet outside, and he will soon learn that when you take him outside and give the command this is what you want him to do. Keep reenforcing with the treat, until he is doing it reliably. Then you can reduce to praising him verbally.
    When you do take him out to toilet, don't play with him until he has gone to the toilet and then have some fun time with him. Make sure he does actually go before you bring him back in.
    Hope that helps. Btw, what type of puppy is he?

  3. I had a similar problem with my puppy when living in a flat. I had a week of taking the dog and training pads outside every couple of hours with the praise routine Doglover suggests before we finally cracked it. I think we'd trained him too effectively to use the pads that he saw them (and only them) as a toilet, and the outdoors as an extension of the carpet! IOnce he started using the pads outdoors I just made the pad smaller each time and eventually he made the change. You do need to make sure that the place indoors where he has been going is clean and doesn't smell at all of wee. It helped as well that when he was old enough to go for walks he suddenly realised that other dogs went outside because of the smell.
  4. star_bright

    star_bright New commenter

    Don't take the advice of It's Me or the Dog's Victoria Stilwell, who claims that picking your puppy up mid wee and taking them outside to continue works. She stated that the act of picking them up stops the flow... it doesn't, don't do it. :)

  5. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    ..........wet hands and trousers are about all you may get :s

  6. Just one tip which you may already know, but avoid ammonia based products when cleaning the carpet as this could encourage your puppy to wee there again. Their sense of smell is very strong.
  7. Skin and roast the puppy and spend the money on something nice.

    cyolba, cutting through the Gordian knot :)
  8. I'm no dog expert, but I found that this did work (although I didn't realise it was attributed to Victoria Stilwell).
    I point blank refused to use puppy pads as friends of mine had problems getting their puppy to go outside after using them. One friends dog still uses them (he's now 3) and will not go outside at all.
    Paper training was also a no-go, as my little darling just tore it to shreds.

    So, I took my puppy outside at least once every hour. Before and after eating, before going to sleep and after waking up, and also during and after playing. Every time we took him out, we used the command 'go pee' and when successful, he was given a treat (and if we also got a number 2, he got two treats!)
    If he started to go in the house, he was picked up and whisked outside. If he went inside and we were too slow to get to him, he was taken outside anyway.
    It took a little time and perseverence (and will power - we got him in January, when it was very cold and snowing!) but we got there after about a month or so. We did have a few accidents for a while after that - usually because we weren't paying attention to the signs (circling, lots of sniffing, sitting at the door). Now at 8 months, he has good control of his bladder, and will ask when he needs out.
    Now he just needs to learn to co.ck his leg!!
  9. Knew I could rely on my fellow TESsers for some advice :)
    Doglover, he's a hungarian vizsla and he's been responding really well to all other kinds of training just the toileting thats a problem :/
    Will give the advice a go and hoping it'll work. Have had him out all day today and he's been a few times followed by major praise and treats. Fingers crossed he'll get the idea soon.

    cyolba you're always such a delight [​IMG]

  10. I have a Vizsla too happy monkey!
    They're hard work, but gorgeous and soooo adorable!

    If you haven't already found it, I'd highly recommend vizslascotland.co.uk
    Full of useful comments/suggestions etc., a great place to ask any vizzie related questions and very friendly! Some fabulous photos just now too as they are trying to organise a 2012 calendar! Regular 'vizz wizz's' are also organised for our darling vizzies to meet up and get a good walk! It can be quite a sight! Don't worry if you're not based in Scotland - there's a number of users who post that are based elsewhere!
  11. That's brilliant sel_chick, have registered for the website :) I am actually in Scotland so even better :) am off to have a look at the forums now :)
  12. I hope you find it useful! I've never owned a dog before, and found it a great help in just reading other posts and knowing that I was doing things right and that what puppy was doing was perfectly normal (for a vizzie at least!)
    I post under the same name there, so feel free to give me a shout!
    I wont be at Mugdock as we go on holiday that day (pup's spending his holidays with his grandad!), but hope to see you at a Vizz Wizz in the future!
  13. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter


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