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Pupils turning up to their lessons 'drugged' up...

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by tulip_83, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Don't often post in this forum, but the thread caught my eye.

    I have had the same situation. Not only was the pupil high on skunk most of the time, he was dealing it.

    The school would do nothing and pointed out I couldn't prove he was.

    The he offered me drugs, in a lesson, and showed me a very substantial amount of skunk to prove it.

    I informed the lead SMT manager who called the police. He was arrested, but after intervention from the head got a caution and the drugs confiscated.

    He was high the next lesson and dealing again.

    The head called me in to a meeting. She dressed me down for reporting the offer of drugs. She castigated me for the fact the police were called. She formally warned me for bringing the school into disrepute (the press reported the incident after one of the kids called them and told them what had happened).

    I appealed the warning and won, but got no apology. SMT and Head now against me.

    When I left, I did so to do cover, where I got a good semi-permanent job that then led to references and a full-time job.

    I tried to get references from the school, they refused. The LEA intervened. No joy. Parents picketed the school to get rid of the head and SMT, and got rid of them. Things have been improved at that school since then. I pity whoever ended up with the witch of a head I had.

    Kick up a fuss, and that is what you potentially face. Stop complaining, be all smiles, apply for new jobs and leave whatever, do supply if necessary. But leave.
  2. It is amazing the world of the teaching references. It should be ilegal, really, as it allows the SMT to do whatever they want, using the power on a mean way against the member of the staff who dare to report the chaos within the schools. What references could we give from them after having lived all these situations? We would be protected if references were requested to both parts by potential employers.
  3. What do the management suggest? There must be some reference in behaviour code about how this is dealt with? I know what you mean about being worried about having proof and have been faced with this situation many times. Previously I would have been too nervous about approaching it, ultimately they're going to deny it. However, I now take the approach of saying 'I have reason to believe that you are under the influence of illegal substances' and get them out of my classroom immediately, in the same manner that I would if someone smelt of alcohol. I'd also like to add that I have a very supportive senior management team and a nurse on site, all of whom will (and have previously), back me up on my gut feeling about it. You know the signs, unless you know of some other form of medication they have to take its obvious so trust your judgement. We had a particular year group where smoking weed was rife, on and off site. SMT shared my want of ridding it from the building and laying down the law, this included a bag search (resulting in an arrest) when the smell of fresh weed could be smelt a whole block away. Any decent school will want rid of it for everyone's benefit!!!! They may not be disruptive in your class but you have a responsibility to the other learners and if you're not clear as a team about how you have zero tolerance you could have a distribution issue on your hands. What would you do if someone fell asleep in the corner reeking of beer in the afternoon? The bag search and arrest did drive our point home and we've had no problems since.......

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