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Pupils leaving school

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by samfarmer, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. A moment for advice please.

    Current practice in a mates school is to allow pupils to leave the grounds and walk around the corner to fetch lost footballs. Pupils go either in pairs of with a Prefect. I've been asked to supply a professional point of view....

    Where can I find the information to state whether this is acceptable or not?

  2. ' .... and here the is missing apostrophe!
  3. Try repostng this on Personal.
    My two pennorth is:
    1. How many footballs are we talking about here? How often during two breaks can footballs go missing?
    2. "Professional" and "acceptable" are flexible terms. Health & safety might complain that it is unsafe for pupils to leave the premises but if they;re allowed to go home for lunch, that makes a a non-argument out of that. What do they suspect the kids of doing once through the gate?
    3. If the HT sanctions it, it's perfectly OK as long as they aren't committing criminal acts off-site.
    4. What is you mate's actual concern?
  4. Put up a higher fence and save the school a shed load of paperwork.

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