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Pupil voice

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by sciencequeen00, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. sciencequeen00

    sciencequeen00 New commenter

    I need to do some pupil voice for KS3.My main aim was to extract random pupils and ask them how things are going in our subject,ask about whats taught, homework, classroom environment, behaviour etc
    does anyone have any better ideas on how to gain accurate results?
  2. I'd first try and work out exactly what it is I was trying to find out. This is the first step in any kind of market research, which is essentially what you're doing, I guess.

    Do you want to know whether your pupils enjoy the subject, or whether they know what they are learning, whether they're confident, or what?

    We have done some "focus groups" with pupils as part of our annual review, and I have asked things like "What lessons have stuck in your memory" "Would you like to do more/less groupwork" "Do you know what level you are, and how to improve?" Depending on what the focus of our review was in that year.

    I didn't find the information very useful, if I'm honest, because the pupils seemed to be saying what they though we wanted to hear in many cases. It was something we are required to do as part of our reviews. There were so many contradictory responses that it was difficult to draw any useful conclusions. I personally prefer questionnaires which can be made more representative, but that's just me.

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