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pupil speak level descriptors

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by rollo, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Has anyone got KS3 pupil speak level descriptors. I've had a trawl of the internet but can only find primary. It would be a real life saver x
  2. Has anyone got KS3 pupil speak level descriptors. I've had a trawl of the internet but can only find primary. It would be a real life saver x
  3. re

    re New commenter

    Try my school website - these ones really work!


    and follow the links D&T/Key Stage3
  4. I have something similar available. Also have the level descriptors split into sub levels, A,B and C which are useful to show progression over a year rather than an entire Key stage.

    Post your email if you want a copy.

  5. Remyko69

    I would be interested in descriptors. How do we get in touch?
  6. please could you email the sub divided descriptors as I have a rather rough and inaccurate approach to this along the suck it and see lines!
    email address is whw@carltoncrescent.demon.co.uk
    many thanks. Jacey.
  7. Yogi

    Yogi New commenter

    Hi remyk69, i would be very grateful for a copy of your level descriptors, my email is yogi.bear4@ntlworld.com.

  8. All sent. Hope they are of some use. Anyone else just post your email address and they will be with you.

    Wish us luck, we start our OFSTED in the morning.

  9. Hi - I would also be really interested in your level descriptors with sub levels as this is something that I also use.
    Would be really grateful - good luck with Ofsted!
  10. Done!

    Sorry jgirl, the mail I sent has come back to me as undeliverable. Have you typed your address properly?

  11. Hi sorry - new account so therefore was not activated. Would be grateful if you could send again.
  12. Ooh yes please, it would be great to have something that doesn't make the kids eyes glaze over when you try and tell them what level they are working at.

    Hope Ofsted (sorry -dirty word!) is going well - don't worry they'll soon be gone. Please send to....
    many thanks.
  13. Hi would love those level descriptors especially if they are in sub levels.
    Hope the Ofsted has gone well.
    Thank you
  14. Yogi

    Yogi New commenter

    Hi again remyk69,i have not received an email from you. I think it must be because there was a full stop at the end of the hyperlink i put in the last message. Sorry to be a pest but could you send the message again using the following ,


  15. I think I've sent to everyone. If I've missed you, please re-post.
    OFSTED went well. Just think, only 1 week ago we found out about our inspection, now it is all over. This is far better than all previous inspections.

  16. Hi i have tried for sometime to create the holy grail of level descriptors. So i would love to see some that work. Please send ASAP. Get them on the DATA site if they are that good. Its about time we all started to share ideas instead of being battered by the never ending paper trail. Has anyone got any other killer resources? PEACE ALL

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