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Pupil progress :S

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by modgepodge, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    I started my NQT year in January, in a Year 1 class. At the end of each half term (so today) we have to submit a sheet saying what % of our class are on track to achieve national expectations (1a) at the end of the year. I've done this, but the figures don't look brilliant, and they are quite a lot lower than the figures the previous teacher submitted at Christmas. However, I think quite frankly she must have been making those up or just feeling incredibly optimistic about how much I'll achieve with them! The general rule we decided to use was if they're at a 1b or higher now, they'll prob get at least a 1a, but if they're 1c or below now, they're not "on track" to achieve a 1a in the summer - but obviously I'll do my best.
    Anyway, I feel I've submitted realistic figures, but that they make me look awful. They are a lot worse than the other Y1 teacher, who again I think has been "optimistic" with the figures. The cohort are young - 40 out of 60 are summer term birthdays, but I know this is no excuse and we just have to do our best to get them up to the right level anyway. This half term has only been 5 weeks and they've been getting used to a new teacher so I wouldn't expect a massive amount of progress in that time, but I'm worried the SMT will and that they are going to be angry with the figures I've submitted. I'm particularly worried because I'm on a temp contract and hoping to be made perm, but I can't see that happening if it looks like the kids are going backwards!
    Should I have "upped" my figures, like other teachers seem to have done?
    Is expecting 2 sublevels progress between now and July realistic? That's what most of mine need to do to be on track....
  2. This happened to me and I was really worried about how it made me look.
    However, I discussed it with my head of year and asked whether the disruption of a new teacher might be behind it. She said it was likely and that would go into account when they analyse the data.
    Then she showed me the moderation from last year. All levels moderated in my class were hugely inflated- up to 3 sub levels in some cases!
    It's frustrating because I can see the progress they're making and yet the data says they're regressing.
  3. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    Thanks all. I thought I'd done the right thing submitting what I thought the kids were at not inflating them! I did say to my mentor as I handed the sheet to her "I know that looks rubbish, but I feel it's realisitic" and she did say "That's fine don't worry" but it's not her I worry about it's the head!
    Some of the kids that I've got down as a 1c I feel probably WILL make 2 sublevels progress.....some almost certainly won't. I've got about 7 or 8 kids out of 30 who are still on FSP/P levels for each subject so the chances of them hitting a 1a are pretty much 0.....
    The other thing is the whole leveling them....we use APP but I haven't really got my head around that at all yet so half the problem was I wasn't sure what levels they're at now anyway! The other Y1 teacher said she mainly goes on gut instinct at this stage....but I don't have any gut instinct as I haven't done it before!!!!
  4. I just wanted to say I'm in a similar position - I took over in jan and the previous teacher gave some very high levels so my data looks pretty shocking! Luckily my KS coordinator agrees with me after moderating work and observing some children. Can you get the deputy/KS coordinator to moderate some work so they can see that your levels are realistic? I also have some children still on FSP/P levels - just make sure you can show what extra support you have in place for them so that they will make some progress, even if it isn't the 2 sub levels. I definitely think you did the right thing - it doesn't help anyone - parents or the yr2 teacher if levels are over inflated. Better to show a realistic picture from the start. I had to do a lot of explaining at parents evening that some children weren't making as much progress as their parents thought! Hopefully once the class settles with a new teacher they will make progress and you will be able to show how far they have come! (sorry about formatting I'm using chrome).

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