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punishment science??!!

Discussion in 'Science' started by taitie, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. taitie

    taitie New commenter

    bit cheeky here but need some help from you lovely people.
    When we remove certain students from classes for behaviour they go to a central room. We are asked to send work with them which as you may understand when we are doing practicals is not always possible so the plan is to make some kind of work pack which can be left at the behaviour room and when science students are sent there they can get on with it.
    Now the problem is what do we set as work?? This is where you guys come in as we need some ideas. We dont want to set them work like wordsearches as this is "nice". We are looking for something like copying out a science dictionary or along those lines which is boring and annoying enough that they wont (hopefully!) want to be removed from lessons.
    Thankyou in anticipation
    (PS have also posted this on the behaviour forum)
  2. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    Writing should not be used as a punishment, you should encourage and develop a love of writing and the written word.
    You should not link learning about Science with punishment or view learning about Science as 'boring and annoying'.
    If you really want to bore them give them nothing. In my experience students removed from lessons crave attention or work to beat the boredom. If you want to encourage them to stay away from your central room for fear of boredom, give them nowt and insist on silence.
    However I must say your methods and motives seem a little odd. It's a little difficult to grasp the background to your story - school, cohort etc - but it does seem you are going about it **** backwards. I for one have a very different approach to such students.
    Good luck!
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I agree with Cornholio,
    It can be a real nuiscance to be asked for work for a withdrawn student, you didn't even know was going to be removed when the work is practical or requires a text the school doesn't have (or a text that doesn't exist).
    We get sets of workbooks, and texts where there are questions where the answers can be found within the writing on the page. Often students who are withdrawn from class have fallen behind their peers in terms of knowledge and understanding. This is often an opportunity for them to catch up.
    (The voice of cynicism and realism says that this doesn't always happen, but we need to give them the chance).
  4. taitie

    taitie New commenter

    apologies if my post seemed a little ambiguous! dont want to say much more except we are a high school.
    The idea is not to link science with punishment but the sending out. giving them nothing to do results in a lot of chatting and social time! they are given 3 warnings before sending out and it is only the very worst students who make it to the central room. The SLT want the work for the lesson the students have been removed from as the student then attends the next lesson on their timetable so all depts have provide work for students who are removed.
    It is extremely hard to stop the lesson and chat to SLT who turn up to escort said pupil from the lesson to the central room about what they need to be doing which is why we are trying to create a bank of stuff that would be appropriate to science but boring enough that they dont want to be removed.

  5. I know exactly where you are coming from. The work produced in the time the student is removed is often below par so sometimes sending work that requires just copying and/or questions is pointless.

    I like to get a protein amino acid sequence and get the pupil to translate the codons. Very quick and easy to prepare! For KS4 an exam paper to complete.
  6. We use old school spotlight skills worksheets. Drawing lines of best fit, graphs, explaining patterns you can see lots of traditional bits. I agree it is a fine line between making sure punishments are not synonymous with core science skills.
  7. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    Please dont make them copy out of books. Writting essays and copying out of books was used as a punishment at my school which lead me to absolutely hate it and i lost all my enthusiasm for the subject English and i associated courseworks with being punished.
    could they not just use this opportunity to catch up on work that they are behind on?

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