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publishing your own resources HELP

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by karonavel, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. dear all
    does anyone know how to publish your teaching resources? shall i send them to a publisher like heinemman or similar? im a spanish teacher who would like to have the resources published in a book. Im not looking for money, just to improve a little bit my CV
    Could anyone help me with any suggestions?
    many thanks and happy christmas

  2. dear all
    does anyone know how to publish your teaching resources? shall i send them to a publisher like heinemman or similar? im a spanish teacher who would like to have the resources published in a book. Im not looking for money, just to improve a little bit my CV
    Could anyone help me with any suggestions?
    many thanks and happy christmas

  3. If you send them to a publisher there's no guarantee they'll publish them - if you're not interested in making money but would like to improve your CV - well - you could upload them to TES resource bank; they'd be welcomed there - or else why not set yourself up a blog (wordpress for instance) and publish them online yourself for people to download? You can be up and running for less than thirty quid a year with your own name as a website address - no special technical skills needed.
  4. The Expert

    The Expert New commenter


    Yes, I know how you can publish your resources because I am a publisher.

    First of all, you can publish them digitally as ebooks, which means you will need some kind of software to convert your files to pdf format. You can get free pdf creators, but it is best to lock your work up in a passsword protected file. Online publishing is easy and cheap.

    You can sell your information through Ebay, but if you are serious about making some money with your resources, you will probably need to set up a mini-site which should feature a sales letter written to a certain formula. If you have no experience of copywriting I can point you in the right direction, if you choose this avenue.

    However, I think you mean tangible publishing, resulting in a print book or manual, and fortunately modern technology has provided cheap and even (almost) free ways to publish your materials. I'll run through them below.

    Lulu.com is a good choice because you can use their templates to design covers more easily than with other services, and the whole thing is free! Obviously they take their cut, but you will be published, and you will not have to pay a penny in outlay. Sound good to you?

    If you need help with your materials in the way of editing or design, you might consider booksurge.com but you will have to pay some money to get published on there. It is still cheap in comparison to traditional publishing, and for a relatively small fee you can have your materials typeset and your covers desiged. Have a look and see what you think.

    A word of warning here, and that is stay away from so-called Vanity Press publishers. MAKE SURE YOU RETAIN FULL RIGHTS TO YOUR MATERIALS if you self-publish! Vanity Presses take over your rights, and usually make you pay for using the service to boot, so do not use them. You do retain rights with Lulu.

    If you do get accepted by a publishing house, you will retain copyrights, but My warining pertaining to rights only applies to self-publishing. If you are lucky enough to get yourself published with an organization like Heinemann, you will typically retain copyright, but you will have to grant exclusivity rights to the company so that they protect themselves from your publishing the same materials anywhere else. Fair enough, and you get the kudos too.

    A final POD (print on demand) option is publishing through Createspace.com. This is also a free service, however you need to order one copy of your book for proofing purposes, and you will need to have either graphic design skills to create your book covers, or you will need to invest in a cover artist to create a print-worthy cover.

    A further option is Kunaki.com. You could produce your materials as a CD Rom and Kunaki will handle everything from cover design to order fulfilment.

    I have had a manual about information product creation and publishing on the boil for over two years now, but frankly everything is moving so fast in the industry, I keep needing to update it before it ever gets published. The above constitutes the most recent changes I made to the manual.

    Anyone can publish anything these days.

    For your information, I am also in the process of writing a book on games for language classes, that is a real humdinger, even though I say so myself, and that will run initially as a digital publication and then as a print publication in early 2008. I will be publishing that through at least two of the sources I've mentioned. So they do work.

    Hope this helps. It is very doable.
  5. Follow GU's and The Expert's advice, especially the latter regarding vanity publishing.

    Like The Expert, I am also a publisher. I have a share in a small MFL/ICT electronic publishing partnership that has been in existence since 1982. I am also an author and I have been writing books and articles that have been published in printed format by major publishing companies since 1980.

    As an author, I have given up attempting to get anything published in printed format. It's easier and cheaper to do it oneself: via one's own website, via blogsites, etc. As an author - and also as an editor - I have never made much money out of my printed publications - maybe 1000 pounds in a good year. Most of the authors whose materials we publish make very little too - the best (with one exception) making around 200-300 pounds per year. The one exception has done consistently well for over 15 years, making around 25,000 pounds in his best year - but those days are now well behind us.

    As a publisher I've done rather well, but now everyone expects materials to be available free of charge on the Web, and the MFL/ICT market is shrinking - which suits me quite well in some ways as became an old age pensioner this year, and I'm now devoting more time to golf, travelling, gardening, etc. Now I publish my own stuff exclusively on the Web, free of charge and for my onw self-satisfaction.

    I know a handful of authors who became multi-millionaires from the fruits of their publications. Guess which area they work in. You got it in one: EFL coursebooks. One retired to Guernsey, one to Monte Carlo, and the third that I kept track of headed for the Caribbean.
  6. We would love to see your Spanish resources at ZigZag Education, particularly if there's a full set (for example for a complete topic or unit) and they are fully your original material (to avoid the rigmerole of seeking permission); particularly if they are for a specfic GCSE or A Level specficiations for example. If you are interested then register at ZigZag's author website: PublishMeNow.co.uk

    JL Hagger (Commissioning Director)

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