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Publishing on the English and American site

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by Emme-Prints, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Emme-Prints

    Emme-Prints New commenter

    Half of my resources are published on the English site and the other half on the American site and I'm not sure how it happened. I'm wondering if there is a quick way to make each resource available on both sites.

  2. ClassroomChemist

    ClassroomChemist New commenter

    What's the American site? I thought that my resources were automatically available to US buyers.
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  3. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @Emme-Prints, is this still an issue? Have you contacted the Customer Services Team about it? Please can you email help@tes.com to see if my colleagues can help you to resolve this issue. Thank you.
  4. myersale

    myersale New commenter

    I too would like to know what the difference is between the US and the UK site. Are my UK resources not available to American buyers? Why does the distinction exist in the first place? And do I have to re-upload ALL (over 200) my UK resources to the US site to make it available to them? All in all, this aspect of TES is really confusing... I really hope I don’t have to upload my files to the US as that is A LOT of work...
  5. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    The resources displayed on the site are no different in the UK and US. Tes used to have a function enabling authors to host their resources in shops that catered to separate markets, but this was discontinued with all existing resources instead hosted on one searchable database.

    Separate sites exist for certain pages of the website so that content relevant to a user's area of the world is more easily found. For example, Information about Key Stages or the UK curriculum would be meaningless in the USA.

    You not need to take any action for your resources to be found in the USA, but if you were to create resources aimed specifically at USA curricula you might want to consider using terms in your titles and descriptions that USA users would search for.

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