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Public transport

Discussion in 'Personal' started by florapost, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. master post has become the typhoid mary of public transport - this week, he is on a holiday course near the barbican
    day 1 - i take him - bus to tube station, northern line to moorgate was my original choice, but i realise changing to the circle et al at kings cross will land us at barbican - right by the venue
    day 2 - circle line et al taken out by signal failure - walk from moorgate to barbican not advised for the uninitiated - why didn't i take him the long way round day 1?
    alternative route - fcc to farringdon - he doesn't like fcc but, having done it, he decides it's quicker so he'll continue with this route
    day 3 - fcc up sh*t creek as some wonderful people have stolen a lineful of cable
    back to plan a - except busses now aren't running as our road is being re-surfaced
    folks - i wouldn't travel where he's travelling, if i were you [​IMG]
  2. lunarita

    lunarita Lead commenter

    Blimey Flora, is any of this related to th Olympic shenanigans or is it a totally separate chaos? (You can tell I don't know London well....)
  3. nope - totally random!! (fcc is the thameslink bedford-to-brighton rail service - i must not use jargon, i must not use jargon)
    the fact that you currently have to wait 5 minutes to get on to any tube escalator in central london - now that's related to the olympics
    he's on another course next week - that's our side of london, so he won't have to go through the centre - nevertheless, i will warn the world which routes he's intending to take
    the full horror of flying from heathrow to go to america next wednesday has just dawned on miss p [​IMG]

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