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PT interview questions (primary)

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by the_z, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I have an interview for a PT post and I am looking for your thoughts on possible questions. Any one been for a PT interview recently that can help?

  2. I have an interview for a PT post and I am looking for your thoughts on possible questions. Any one been for a PT interview recently that can help?

  3. Here are some which I was asked a few years ago but I think they're still relevant. I had a few interviews but it was all good experience : ) If I remember correctly I was usually asked about 6 questions.
    Hope this is helpful and good luck!

    PT is part of the management team - how have you prepared for this role, what particular skills can you bring and why do you want the post at this school?
    How do you see the role as Learning Support Co-ordinator and how would you develop it?
    How would you support a class teacher who had a child with behaviour issues?
    How would you tell parents that their child is experiencing learning difficulties?
    Describe CPD that you have found particularly beneficial and identify development needs.
    Change is part of education. Describe how you have dealt with change in your classroom setting and how you would deal with change at this school.
    How would you contribute to the school?s ethos and what do you see as the most important aspect of ethos?

    Why do you want this post as PT?
    What makes an ?excellent? school?
    This is a period of change in education - how do you feel these will benefit children?
    How would you support a colleague experiencing difficulties with a child?s behaviour?
    What could you contribute to the development of ICT in the school?
    Describe an example of your own teaching which you consider to have been successful and explain why.

    What 3 personal qualities would you bring to the post of PT?
    How would you encourage staff who still feel insecure using ICT?
    A P4 child is doing well in Language but has some difficulties with Maths. How would you deal with concerns expressed at Parents Evening by parents who still feel he needs challenged in this area?
    AiFL - what do you consider its benefits to be and describe strategies you use in your own practice?
    What area of the curriculum would you feel most comfortable developing at this school and how would you take it forward?
  4. A lot of questions tend to be the same as a FT interview.
    Slightly different ones about PT work might be:
    How would you organise the curriculum?
    How would you communicate with job share/other teachers/TAs etc when you're not in full time?
    How would you manage assessment?


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