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Psychology GCSE

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by karencmorton, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I currently teach AS/A2 OCR psychology and have been in charge of the subject for 5 years. I am involved in student induction, writing the schemes of work and managing the budget as well as teaching both AS and A2.
    I really like the OCR syllabus and am not keen to change.
    Class sizes at AS are around 25 in 2 sets while at A2, the numbers reduce to 10 or less in 2 sets.

    I would like my school to consider introducing the subject at GCSE as an option. The students begin GCSE in year 9 now.

    How can I *sell* this to my headteacher, especially when school budgets are tight and it would ultimately mean employing at least one more member of staff as my colleague and I also teach another subject?
  2. When I say '25 in two sets', I mean 25 students in each of 2 sets, making up to 50 students at AS, 20 at A2.

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