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Psychology AQA to WJEC?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by jude18, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    we currently considering moving from AQA Psychology spec A to WJEC. Anyone any thoughts or opinions on WJEC?
    many thanks
  2. Hi,
    we currently considering moving from AQA Psychology spec A to WJEC. Anyone any thoughts or opinions on WJEC?
    many thanks
  3. Hi! we moved form AQA A to WJEC in 2008. I love teaching the WJEC spec and the support from the board is great. I haven't taught AQA A since the changes in 2008 so I don't know how much of a change it would be for you to switch. The students really like the course and the 40% 60% split in the papers fits well for Jan examinations. Got to say that results haven't increased dramatically (this was not our reason to change anyway) but pleasure of teaching and learning has. Personally, I highly recommend WJEC.
  4. I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend it. We changed in 2008 too. The AS course starts off okay, with 40% for unit one covering 4 main approaches.

    But then, unit two is death by 'core study', 10 in total, with no background learning or development of the particular branch of psychology that the study relates to (and we can't do anyway because there's no time). For example, they learn Asch and Milgram, but not with any background of studying social influence/social psychology. We've found students find it boring and monotonous - it ends up being a big memory test. It's actually getting our department down - we would love to change back to AQA A, but HoD can't be bothered!
    We've had issues with marking as well, and when challenged, WJEC were very defensive and refused acknowledge blatent errors in their marking.
    The A2 PY3 unit is also easier than the AS PY2 unit - were's the logic in that?
  5. Actually, I've been unfair there - HoD probably would change, but we've worked so hard getting resources sorted that I don't think we can face it!
  6. God, change. I changed from WJEC to AQAB and what a relief it was. I found AQA B so much easier in comparison and so much more interesting. I had a similar experience with marking. Appalling errors that WJEC were defensive about. The last straw was being offered additional training when what I actually needed and got was a whole centre remark.

    Sorry, I'm not a fan of WJEC.
  7. I would agree with spludge and say that as a school we are really pleased that we moved to WJEC. The support from the board has been excellent and we have really enjoyed teaching the specification. Students seem to enjoy the variety of content and so far we have been happy with the consistency and quality of marking. It seems that whatever board you are with there will always be pros and cons. We moved from AQA to WJEC 2 years ago for exactly the reasons mortymoo says she moved the other way!
  8. Thank you so much for all your replies - very helpful. I have got to admit the idea of the core studies horrified me too, but the rest of it seemed quite appealing!
    I think I will continue my investigations and have a look at the AQA B specs and maybe the OCR too - so if anyone has any further comments I would be pleased to hear them.
    many thanks

  9. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I don't personally like AQA B - I feel there is so much more content to be covered than AQA A or WJEC. AQA B contains a lot more Human Biology as well - although I know some teachers particularly enjoy teaching Biopsychology.

    I'd stick with with AQA A if I had the choice.

  10. I am considering a move away from WJEC. It's over-dependent on memory and also, both PY2, PY3 and much of PY1 are based around the study of methods rather than the content of psychology. This is pretty hard going and difficult to grab student interest, particularly if they are not especially hard working or motivated. Results have been dodgy to. The personnel are very helpful and kind, but they are not listeners! Some topics are not well resourced at all.
    I didn't like this January's PY3 either. The more challenging and mathematical question came first and shot the confidence levels of students. Had the more accessible of the two methods questions been the first on the paper, then I suspect that mine would have felt more confident and eased into the paper rather than jolted. They don't feel they were able to do themselves justice. I'm building up to feeding back to the board to this effect.

    ZIMBOFAN New commenter

    Seriously, in the end, there is not a'perfect ' exam board, its always a trade off... I was on the point of switching to Welsh Board in 2008 - but on attending some meetings, thought better of it... I just felt SAFER with AQA A - cause I knew the spec so well, and they were not about to turn it upside down ..ok marking it not always spot on, but where is it??
    Plus moving boards is a big deal, all those new resources, SOW.. who wants that???
    Most of us are with AQA A - there has to be a reason, for me, its the enjoyment students get from the course that counts - those core studies sound DIRE!!

    AQA A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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