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PSRN observation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by orchid77, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, I have an observation based on PSRN and focusing on 1 to 1 correspondence with Foundation 1 children. I would like the children to understand that if we had 3 children we would need 3 chairs etc. But I am very stuck for creative WOW lessons. Any ideas :)
  2. Musical chairs?
  3. Watmore

    Watmore New commenter

    What about a party? Get so many hats. plates, cups, balloons etc etc and children have to put the right amount for the bears? Have so many teddy bears or dolls or puppets etc
  4. Just a thought:Is this really one to one correspondence or are you asking for a higher level skill of sharing, precursor to division? My interpretation of one to one correspondence is of the counting skill of saying one number for one object when counting so that a set of objects is counted accurately. Children would have to be secure in this skill to then select the right number for the bears at the party, the skill in your activity would be in recognising how many are needed and how to distribute them. This may be what you are aiming at, but if you have been asked to cover one to one correspondence you may need to rethink.

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