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PSRN Farm animals

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by munchkinamy, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I've ran out of insipration...what teacher lead activities has anyone done for this?
    Any area of PSRN is fine, I think my mind has gone blank with the prospect of term starting again tomorrow and this is the last thing I need.
    For a FS class starting in Y1 in september.
    Any ideas would be very very much appreciated.
  2. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Count a set of cows/ sheep etc. and split them between 2 fields on farm layout how many in each field.
  3. Thank you for the idea :)
    What do you think about having a field/pond set up and a set of animals/ducks and then getting the children to roll a dice to decide how many animals they need to add to the field/pond? They could then roll two dice and add them together to put the right amount in.
    Could also have their field/pond to stick on the right number, either as a sum or just the right amount depending on ability.

  4. It's a very muddy farm and the farmer wants some boots for his animals - these are the animals he has, how many boots are needed, how could we record it? Follow up focus group- differentiate activity - socks needed? Hats needed? Different numbers of animals etc. Different expectations of recording.
  5. Linked to the last poster's comment...counting in 2s, orally and then counting how many feet / wellies etc.
    Data handling activities - sheep/pigs/cows in a field, how could we find out which there is most of? - count them and produce a simple pictogram or block chart. You could either use plastic animals in a large 'field' (green material) on the carpet, or draw them on the whiteboard.
    Sorting activities - how could we sort this set of animals? E.g. all the cows / sheep together, or all the black animals and all the brown animals. Can you think of any other ways to sort them. Depending on ability, maybe introduce a very simple Venn diagram?
    Addition and subtraction problems - e.g. the farmer wants to take 2 of each animal, how many altogether? How many will be left in the field?
    Hope this helps, will try to think of some more.

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