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PSHE - Relationships, year 8

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by boospurgeon, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. what range of relationships are you thinking of covering?
  2. sorry - I have to cover family, friends and relationships. Main emphasis is on friendships and what makes a good friend, with a little bit on parent, child and a little on romantic relationships!
  3. have alook at the l8r series which is free via teachers tv- i currently use this with year nine and it may be suitable for your year 8s too. there are eight episodes dealing with a range of issues including peer pressure, responsability, parenthood etc - usually 10 mins video with other class discussions aslo featured afterwards
  4. Mean Girls - first 5-10 minutes for ghastly stereotypes of cliques etc.
    Parenting - maybe the Harry Enfield Kevin & Perry sketch where Kevin transmogrifies into a 13 yr old, leading into discussion on how parents should handle teens.
  5. Lots of Simpsons sketches are good too.
  6. Any one tell me where L8R can be seen online now Teachers TV has gone? It's somewhere - just can't remember where!

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