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PSHE Level Descriptors

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by Zoki59, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. hello

    i know this is old, but if you do still have these i would be so grateful to have a look!

    many thanks!

  2. Please could you email them to me as well!
  3. laurafayjohnson

    laurafayjohnson New commenter

    sorry to butt in on your message but could you also email them to me, Im RE trained and currently teach PSHE, so they would be of great benefit.


    my email is Laura.johnson@lammas-school.co.uk

  4. Hi there, my names Andy im currently struggling assessing pshe could you please send me your levels info to have a look at, in return i can send you some cool pdf resources pshe & c related
    email: awhitey44@hotmail.com
  5. Hi Louise

    Looking for what you asked for in this message. Please would you be kind enough to e mail me a copy if you received one??

    Thanks, Susan Ryan
  6. Me too please. Have spent days trawling sites to try to find info on pshe assessment and its very confusing.
    Many thanks
  7. May I ask to take a look at your PSHE levels too please?
  8. Hi,if you have got the level descriptors, please can you email them to me too! We are following the thematic approach and it is skills based and I need the levels for the 'I can ' statements and differentiated tasks . The sooner the better as I am planning the 1st block now
    Many Thanks,
  9. Nightsky222

    Nightsky222 New commenter

    Hi Z,
    Sorry I've no idea how to and would also be really grateful if anyone can point me in right direction too.
    Would be really interested to collect levelled evidence of pupils work where they've Made a Difference in the World, no matter how small. I have a VLE which could help.
    This might interest you...

    On 21st September it's Global Day of Peace. If you have any pupils or students who want to Make a Difference in the World by putting on Performances for Peace that day, let me know. I have a new global VLE where young people can upload multimedia films, audio, scripts, songs, animations etc about making a difference for peace. It's not ready yet, but it will look like www.rumad2.org.uk (are you Making a Difference too?)

    Have got a lovely story script and map that can help them feel they have make a difference in the world. It's good for helping them write lyrics and animation scripts too.
    Let me know if you have any MAD ideas (make a difference)
    Helen.walker@ymail.com.. Helen 07751723806 www.bloomandgrow.org.uk

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