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PSHE curriculum map

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by simian01, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. please may i have a copy of your pshe map?
    many thanks
  2. Hi...just read your response and its like a miracle as have been pulling my hair out all weekend about this...please if possibly (even if you are taking royalties!) could you email me a copy asap to evyboehm@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks
    Ps I read one on the internet from East Sussex but what are A2 B2 C4 references too!?
  3. I see you use the cambridge scheme. Do you know where I get it from? Our new head wants me to get it but I am not sure where to look
  4. simian01

    simian01 New commenter

    Hi there,
    My name is Simone and I am the person that asked the original question about the PSHE curriculum map! I kept checking for ages and I thought nobody would reply and then I saw your message.

    I know you had lots of requests for your curriculum map with links to ECM, would you mind sending it to me please. simian01@hotmail.com

    I would be eternally grateful!
  5. simian01

    simian01 New commenter

    Hi there, I am the person that wrote the original post and I hadn't realised that anyone had replied please please please can you send me the curriculum map. It would still be really useful if I had it! My email address is simian01@hotmail.com
    Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I would be very interested in a copy of your scheme of work - I have done a basic frame but it would be good to see if I am missing anything off my SOW. My email address is prussell@jpgs.org

    Really appreciate your help and support - what a kind person you are

  7. I offer PHSE workshops, these might interest you:
    1. How are you smart? Empowering session helps students recognise the diversity of their intelligence. Based on Gardner's theory of MI.
    2. So you want to be an expert! A fascinating look at common trends among experts includes the 10 000 hour rule, the power of EQ, nature verses nurture and a live performance of Beethoven's 5th 1st MM on piano to demonstrate some points. (I am a concert pianist as well as an educator).
    3. Study stress and Music: How does listening to music during homework effect the learning brain? Looks into the psychology and physiology of music.
    For more details about myself and these packages, go to www.musiceducationworld.com/schools or email griffin@musiceducationworld.com

  8. Sadly I am trailing through TES forum on New Year's Day and happened to find your post! If you are not too fed up with being asked, could you send me your LT overview for PSHE?
    Many thanks, Angela

  9. pinkang

    pinkang New commenter

    Hey...Happy new year everyone.
    I have just started a similiar post about PSHE/SEAL and in need of some help. Could I please have a look at the curriculum map too please. Many thanks

  10. I have just come across this and hope you can send me your long term plans too/

    Thank you in anticipation my email address is

  11. Hi vik, sorry to be jumping on the bandwagon but if you still have this resource could you please mail me a copy also. I'd really appreciate it. Anything I can do in return, just ask?
    My email address is m.maxwell@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks again - Mandy
  12. pinkang

    pinkang New commenter

    Hi there - If anyone has been emailed the copy of the PSHE LTP, please could someone forward it to me - Angweller@yahoo.co.uk. I have just taken over the role of PSHE/Seal Coordinator and need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance x x xx x x x
  13. I'm going to do it (jump on the bandwagon!) but it sounds just like what I need...

    Could anyone email it to me?

    Thank you!
  14. Hoping your not too sick of sending these out!
    I'd love a copy too!


    Many thanks in advance!
  15. Hi would you mind sending one to me please? I know that you have a lot of requests but it would be really helpful!

    Thankyou very much!

  16. Could you send me a copy of the long term PHSE plan


    thank you

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