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PSHE and SMSC improvement planning

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by millyem26, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I have recently been given the role of PSHE and SMSC coordinator and part of the role requires the formulation of an improvement plan. My first action point is to update the out of date policy for PSHE and write a new one for SMSC. Please comment if you have experience of putting together an improvement plan and the sorts of things you included.


  2. VDL


    Have a look at the material produced by the PSHE Association about PSHE and SMSC. We found it useful for checking through what we had, where we would like to be when preparing for inspection. Interesting that you have a policy for PSHE and not a scheme of work. We don't have discrete lessons but I still have a scheme of work/ map where we then outline where we 'hit' SMSC too. A lot of SMSC is met outside PSHE by the pastoral system, chapel etc.
  3. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    Hello, PM me and I will advise what we did. I can also invite you to browse my resources.
  4. VDL


    Go to the PSHE association website for both the new PSHE curriculum docs and a great document outlining SMSC and how .PSHE. It won't do the job for you but will give you a framework to build on.

    Surely you have a scheme of work for PSHE not a policy? School policies on bullying, alcohol, smoking, searches, drugs etc may contribute to content but are not, in themselves, the content. It sounds like you might need to audit what you do. You will find suggestions s to how to do this on the association website and lots of discussion on audits on this forum.

    Good Luck

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