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PRU school interview

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cococlarebear, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. cococlarebear

    cococlarebear New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I've just accepted an invite to interview at a PRU school. The panel interview also includes a SENCO representative for the school. I haven't interviewed at this type of school before or had a SENCO in an interview with me so I was wondering if anyone could help out with suggestions of the types of questions I might get asked for this particular setting?
    I've also been advised there will be a written element to the interview. Would anyone know what kind of task this could be or what it's likely to entail?

  2. IndianaJ97

    IndianaJ97 New commenter

    The written element could be anything - marking work, corresponding with a parent or specialist... At an interview I went to recently, we were asked to write down how we would support the aims of the school and a teacher that I know was given half an hour to plan a lesson and then deliver it (no prior notice given). These sorts of activities show that you can collect your thoughts and coherently record them on paper during the pressured environment of a job interview and give the panel a chance to see your spelling and handwriting.
    All that said, it really could be anything so there's no way to prepare for it... Just stay calm and collect your thoughts before putting pen to paper. Best of luck!
  3. Hi, I have just Google searched this same question! Hope it went well if you've had it? What did you have to do? I have a teaching support interview in 4 days at a PRU and I've never had an interview like it before. Any tips?
  4. sunnies

    sunnies New commenter

    Not sure if it would be the same but if there was a written aspect, I would sort of expect to see an IEP/pen portrait for a student and then maybe identify the main concerns and see how you would go about addressing those. For example, Johnny could have low confidence issues in maths and you may be asked a scenario where you came across this and what your first thoughts/actions would be. For a recent interview, I was given the IEPs before hand and had to base my lesson on these. I focused on engaging the students and then building them up accordingly. I hope that helps?
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