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provision mapping

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jlo, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    I have to devise one for our school. Has anyone got an example they would be willing to share.

  2. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    I have to devise one for our school. Has anyone got an example they would be willing to share.

  3. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Have just done this for the LA and will e mail you have guidance. Is being published in SENCO Update in Sept but will send you the guidelines - warning a bit of a tome and examples are for sec but the principle is the same for both phases
  4. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    Thanks for that. It looks useful.
    I am in primary - one form entry, so if anyone has done one I would love to see it too.
  5. I am currently working (or will be when reports are finished today) on mine. Started it last year but ran it alongside IEPs etc so staff got used to it. Want to make some changes this year but can email you with some ideas I have. I am waiting for an excel spreadsheet that the county advisors have produced which will make it easier to show what individuals do.

    I was told to start with making a list of all the interventions /resources that are available in school, the time it takes to carry them out and the number of chidlren they are for. Then ask staff to identify children who will needs support and in what area. Then match them up, taking into account time available. We had to prioritise due to lack of funding (Sure everyone is the same). Then I timetabled the groups.

    The staff were unsure this year when I said I was taking support out of the class but I have won them round. This year I am fine tuning by allocating targets to each intervention, then there is no need for IEPs as the interventions already have them.

    Will contact you if you want to discuss it further - need to leave for school!
  6. I have a file of them that I could email to you if you let me know your addy. This comes from recent county training.

    I have the provision map - which I'm doing for each class - I'm including wave 2 although that isn't sen but I want to see the interventions and how they fit in. This is then my long term planning (I do the interventions!)

    Each child from wave 2 will have a personal tracking sheet which is logged on our server - then we will have a record of the interventions used historically with each child. Staff can also access and up date this.

    Each group also has a sheet of pre-intervention baseline assessment, a record of the intervention, then a post-intervention assessment. This is really useful where I have TAs doing some input as it gives me ongoing hard evidence when it comes to evaluating the provision mapping. The provision maps each have to be 'costed' and evidence of progress is required.

    Arrgh I know, but once I'd got my head around it I can see how it all fits together.

    We are still doing ieps as they are a useful document for tracking and discussion with parents - often giving parents a role (and formalising it as a contract), as well as the vital individual planning and noting of appropriate amendments to teaching style / classroom environment needed by the child.
  7. I see your addy!

    (you can see why I'm SEN, I have to read everything 3 times!)

  8. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    bramcott - thanks for sending that stuff - its really useful - exactly what i was looking for.
    Busybot - will start to have a go but would love to confer with you as I go. Can you leave an address.
  9. :) hth!

    I've found it all really useful, hope you will too - it has to be practical and efficient to use!
  10. No problem

    Busybot AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk
  11. Part of the reasoning that our authority say you can do away with IEPs is that good target setting in school should include everyone.
    You start with school targets, and the work down to class, group and individual targets. In some schools children get IEPs and the same targets appear time and again. If IEPs are used then it is for "soft" targets not academic ones, as they should be linked to school targets. At the moment a lot of SEN children are getting targets upon targets and it is counter productive.

    Targets should also only be things you can influence - by interventions other than normal teaching. Normal teaching (well good practice) includes differentiation and so a lot of this wasn't on our IEPs as it was standard not extra to.

    Parent meetings still happen, but more of a discussion and partnership, it is recorded on a specific form.

    Children with statements have targets drawn from statements and they are recorded, monitored and reviewed, but IEPs were only one suggested way of managing this. I believe that moving away from them, and staff being expected to include information in planning will improve the teaching to the children with difficulties. Some of my staff just filed IEPs and didn't look at them, but they know I monitor plans and have to record SEN info on there (when appropriate - it isn't too much hassle)

  12. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Question for Busybot ? - No IEPs for students at SA + either ? Agree that very few are looked at by staff and many IEPs poorly written. Also think that too many targets counter productive and can be demoraliaing . I wd have difficulty remenmering them all and then remember what to do to improve in each too !
  13. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    BB - any chance u cd e mail a copy of one of how staff record plans - assume u r primary ? I am sec but want to amove away from the IEP scenario and we have a comprehensive system of setting academic targets in school at the moment. Have extensive PM in situ though ? southern.j@ntlworld.com
  14. No IEPs for SA+.
    They are the children who are targetted first for interventions (musts), as well as statemented. The academic target which is drawn from outside advice is linked to an intervention, so the provision map is the record of what they are doing "extra" to others adn also has the target on it. The decision of intervention is based on the outside support and this is also given to the class teacher and ways of differentiating discussed if needed. This is reocrded in planning to ensure staff are thinking about the child rather than leaving it to just the intervention. Means they have to think about it weekly not just when they remember the IEP.
    Our special needs section are pushing this as a good way of reducing paprework burden, and more time spent on supporting child and parents.

    Was talking to a SENCO at out local comp yesterday (transfer info) and she is moving onto provision mapping and will staff one room with TAs and run ionterventions. She also feels the TAs are spread too thinly. We were discussing use of IEPs and she wnats to move away too. Her staff don't see the point as they are often not relevant in all subjects - it can only be a traget if you have influence over it. Does that make sense?

    I am really interested in this idea and am working on this for next year, when I have some examples will send you some - have to admit it is still hit and miss in my small primary.
  15. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    We have been told similar busy bot. IEPs not needed for SA children and only for some SA+ - where they have a specifically INDIVIDUAL need (i.e. not just very behind in literacy and numeracy).
    Also told that lit and num targets should not be included in IEPs as these are covered by wave 2 and 3 interventions and/or must could should targets.
    IEP targets should be all about ways of enabling M/S/C tragets to be achieved.
    Going on 2nd half of Leading on Intervention course tomorrow. Will post more after!
    Thanks again for all the help. x
  16. Guyts could I be cheeky and ask you to send me examples of provision mapping you have done, Mine seems to simplistic. I am secondary PRU!!
  17. susanrk

    susanrk Occasional commenter

    Could you possibly e-mail me too. I'm SENCO in 2 village primary schools. We've started provision mapping but I'd love more ideas, particularly as to how to evaluate the success of various interventions!
    Many thanks

  18. Sorry to jump on the bndwagon but, if you could send me samples of your provision mapping I'd really appreciate it!

    Many thanks.

  19. Bramcott, what you have done sounds excellent, especially the pre and post intervention tracking, which is what I need to do to establish value for money for HT. Could you send me the provision mapping package you have worked on please? If there is anything I can do in return I would be only too happy.


  20. busybot and bramcott - i was so interested by everything you have both written on this issue. i'm brand new to senco/inclusion role and need to get provision maps going in my school. we currently do IEPs and tentatively trialled PM's.

    i would be so grateful for anything you could email me on this matter.


    many thanks.

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