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Provision mapping help

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by King38, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm a new SENCO and I've been asked to look at provision mapping. I've collected some sheets and looked at examples etc but I'm a little confused. I've asked the staff to detail what support they are receiving throughout the week. Do I now transfer all of this on to the sheets? I can see from the basic timetable sheet I sent out that some classes are receiving more support than others! Where do I record what needs to be done based on the evidence? eg effective use of some TAs? We also seem to have quite a bit of voluntary help working 1:1 with readers and consolidating maths. Surely this doesn't count??
    One last question... do I fill in by Wave, by year group, by SA etc... do I do ALL the sheets??? HELP!
    Sorry for the muddle... hope someone can make sense!
  2. Just to say... found a 'hold your hand', step-by-step guide from Kent!! I now know what to do!!!
  3. surfncanoe

    surfncanoe New commenter

    Hi there

    Please please would you let me know where I can get this "hold your hand guide"!!!!!
    I am as confused as you

  4. szi

    szi New commenter

    Hi King38,
    Where did you find it and where can I get it???

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