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Protocol in Leeds

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by marshir, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Does anybody know anything about Protocol in Leeds? I am thinking about signing up with them but would appreciate any comments.
  2. Does anybody know anything about Protocol in Leeds? I am thinking about signing up with them but would appreciate any comments.
  3. planesick

    planesick New commenter

    i dont know about leeds, but protocol have given me work every day since september. i had work the 1st day back!! but then i rarely say no. not the best paid though. i am in nottingham. good luck.
  4. Help-Link, a leading boiler and central heating specialist company based in Leeds, is extremely proud to announce one of their latest ventures, a Guinness World Record attempt entitled ?Johnny Ball?s Think of a Number?. Help-Link is hosting what shall be "The World's Largest Live Audience Maths Lesson" on 19th March 2014 at Elland Road football stadium and shall be hosted by the renowned maths expert Johnny Ball. The event shall be attended by thousands of school children, aged between 9-13, who shall be travelling from all across Yorkshire to receive what promises to be one of the most exciting learning opportunities of the year.

    Johnny Ball has been inspiring Maths Students for over 30 years through engaging and exciting new ways to learn. Through Johnny?s inspiring teaching he has captured the attention of thousands of children to date and offered a supportive and easily understood method of learning mathematics, inside and out of the classroom.

    His Presentations gain well over 90% Teacher approval and this event promises to offer not only a fun day of learning and education, but also provides each child who attends with a poster to support their learning for the day and each teacher will receive a ?Maths Pack? to ensure the lessons can be carried on once they return to the classroom to round off the educational experience.

    The day promises a fun trip for children and teachers alike, not only due to the lesson from Johnny Ball but also as there shall be a special appearance from the Leeds United players!

    Johnny will have the Students Buzzing with Maths Enthusiasm!

    To register your interest please email mathslesson@leedsunited.com for more information.

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