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Prospective ICT Teacher (Secondary)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by D_chap, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Good evening,
    Just thought I'd write my current situation on here and ask for some advice about my future prospects. Please feel free to share any advice as I really could do with some guidance at what my options are.
    Anyways I graduated from University three years ago with a degree in Politics and Sociology whilst working as a Computer technician part time. Since graduation I have worked as a teaching assistant, I did this for two years working in a number of challenging Secondary Schools which was a great experience. Also this is my second year as a Cover Supervisor based in the Schools ICT department.
    I am doing a course (part time) in Computer Engineering which is a diploma and I am hoping one day I will be a ICT teacher. I am thinking of applying for all routes (PGCE, GTP etc) but I am wondering which route would be more beneficial for myself? If I do the PGCE I would have to take a large pay cut and fund my way through the whole process, the GTP I wouldn't be taking a large hit on the pay front and would be based in mainly just the one school. I am also wondering if there are many ICT teaching positions about once I've finished my training?
    I love covering ICT as I am very knowledgeable about the subject, the department are great and I feel comfortable with any work left for me. I also do classroom support when I get free time and create resources for the department, the kids see me as a teacher in the department because I know my stuff but I don't tell them that I am a teacher (because I am not).
    I am just looking for some training advice, and also do you need a subject specific degree to get onto a postgraduate course?

    Any advice will be appreciated, unless it is Cover supervisor related insults.


  2. Hi,
    Sent you a pm! :)
  3. ****BUMP****!

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