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promotional material for tutor companies - right or wrong?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by hastings, May 16, 2011.

  1. There was a news story in the Guardian
    recently about schools sending out promotional literature for
    tutoring companies – typically in return for payments from that


    I'm a journalist writing a feature article for the
    TES, looking at this issue of schools endorsing or promoting
    tutoring companies, and would be interested to hear from anyone
    who has views on any of the following points...

    Is it common to be approached in this

    Is it ethical to send out 'spam' of
    this kind – knowing that many parents will then see the tutoring
    programme in question as being 'school-approved'?

    If a parent asks a head for advice
    regarding home tutors, is it OK for a head to make an informal

    Is it acceptable for schools to have
    links with local tuition agencies, and to perhaps let tutoring take
    place on the school campus?

    Should schools even be seen to be
    promoting private tuition – after all, shouldn't the school itself
    be providing the necessary support?

    As ever, I would really appreciate it
    if there's anyone out there who would be willing to share their views
    on this, either through the forum, by personal message, or by
    contacting me at stevenhastings8@gmail.com


  2. For the past two years we have had government funded tutoring which was aimed at specific groups. This gave some children an essential boost but worked best when directly organised and managed by the school. We are now advised to use devolved capital to continue such targeted work. Some schools will do this. Tutoring is now a part of the provision bank which we can utilise as Head teachers if it supports the vulnerable. Private tutoring is governed by no one and can be highly questionable. Many parents like to have a tutor and often say it helps their child. I sometimes find private tutor teaching methods confuse children and make them anxious about their abilities. Others are ok but not time limited or measurable in any way. Those claiming to support children with Dyslexia often test children using very limited criteria and often get it wrong. I wouldn't advocate a private tutor. Parents do this for themselves within certain circles.

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