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promoting positive behaviour display

Discussion in 'Primary' started by misslittle, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    looking for some inspiration! As a student I had a couple of good displays for group/individual points. This is my second year in a P7(year 6) and I'm looking for a good idea to use as a chart/ display. A girl in the infants has made one round the toy story theme which looks fantastic and the kids love. Finding it hard to think of something that will grab the interest of the older ones.

    Hope someone can help!
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    What are you studying in History/Geography/Science? Or what book are are using in literacy? They will be a good starting point for a theme.
  3. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    What do the kids like? Maybe ask them to design it and vote for the winner.
  4. Hi
    thanks for your reply. studying ww2 at the moment. Had a theme around my topics last year. Had a great discussion with the pupils yesterday. Suggested some ideas to them such as the Olympics. Finally came up with the smurfs. Kids used interactive board to trace and paint the different smurfs to represent their groups. I made little papa smurfs and the group that manages to collect the most will be the winners!
    Kids are really into it with the film coming out and have been sketching them over wet playtimes and bringing in sketches from home. Parents must think I'm mad lol
  5. I use Harry Potter as there seems to be a new film each year. They start off having to get 5 stars to get into Diagon Alley then move up until eventually they reach Hogwarts when they have filled their star charts (20 stars). When they get to the top they get a gold star on their wizard's hat and a prize then start again. I am reasonably tight with the stars though and it normally takes about half a term to do this. In addition I do a weekly prize draw. Everytime someone does something that impresses me they get a raffle ticket. They write their name on it and put it in the 'Chance Box'. We draw it on Friday afternoons and they never let me forget. In theory the more tickets you have the more chance you have but everyone is in with a chance as I usually find at least one thing they've done to impress me each week.
  6. man501

    man501 New commenter

    I've made one this year based around 'The Pig of Happiness' a book (but also this delightful animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoiIYlww8M4 ) The children will post thoughts that make them happy into a box and we'll review the box weekly (I hope)

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