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Promethean Software

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by zippycfb, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    Does anybody know how to obtain the Active Studio software so I can view/amend/create my flipcharts? I'm having a sort out of all my resources in preparation for supply, but am unable to view them. My last placement school kindly put the software on my laptop but since then I've had to reboot my laptop from scratch so I lost all my programs. I've tried the Promethean Student Edition but it won't let me view the flipcharts. Any ideas how i can overcome this to get my resources in order? Thanks.
  2. Try

  3. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    Thanks, this looks like exactly what I need but it doesn't suit my operating system - Windows 7. I'll search for one that does!
  4. zippycfb

    zippycfb New commenter

    I tried it anyway and it downloaded but its a completely different program - something to do with mobile phones! Thanks anyway though.
  5. This is why it is best to partition your hard drive so that this does not happen again.
  6. I was sent sone flipchart files at my freelance job to look at to verify for a school award and I don't have any school software not being in a school. I did manage a free download from the promethean website after alot of googling.

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