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Projectors- which to buy

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Miss_N, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm currently looking to buy 2 new projectors for my school for our new build in September. However, I'm hitting a wall.

    I currently use a very expensive short throw projector and find it worse than useless- the picture is bad, and lopsided, I can't use all of the board because I am right handed, the projection wastes about a foot on each side of my board, and I have issues with the general workings of the pen.

    I have never experienced issues with long throw projectors having taught in a number of schools using them.

    I know short throw are the newer technology, however, I am reluctant to spend over £1000 more per projector given my experiences of short throw.

    Is anybody able to offer some advice?


  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Got to say that I am with you on the short throw front. We had a very expensive interactive one put in my room by a generous county advisor but to be honest I prefer the image thrown by a traditional long throw one too. We have been having a lot of success recently with a lot of refurbishing done by Elementary Technology and they have been installing the Epson EB-X9LU projectors and I rate these a lot
  3. Fantastic- thank you. It's great to have another point of view (particularly one in agreement!). MY head is willing to support whichever decision I make being ICT manager, however, my project manager isn't so keen on me buying long throw (probably because he'll lose 2k in sales!)
  4. You've got a Project Manager on sales commsion? How does that work? Is the PM a member of an external company?
    I have been pointed to the LED bulbless projectors - which seem perfectly good - I've got a Samsung I think. Can't remember, but it's projection is exactly the same but we will save on money when a bulb goes. (so the saleman says?) obviously on a percentage for bulbless projectors.
  5. ...obviously we wont save money when the bulb goes - because it is in fact bulb-less. ??[​IMG]
    we will save money though - because errr the bulb that isn't there will never blow ?
  6. Haha!! There's some logic there somewhere!!

    We have project manager from an educational IT supplier, which shall remain unnamed, because we are a new school and moving in to another build during/after the summer so we've been through a completely procurement route and before I came on board, said company were selected based on their bid.

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