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Project ideas that can be set up and left for a LA group to continue.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ShyTea, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. I have been 'told' that I should organise a project for my 4 low achievers to continue with whilst I work with another group/do particular teaching skills to the rest of the class. These 4 children hardly ever produce work unless they have an adult sat with them and due to funding cuts I am now having to share my TA with another class so this 'project' idea is the 'solution.

    I am wondering if an Alien project might be a good idea, I am hoping they could design their own, get some description writing, letter writing etc, maybe design and make their own planets etc.
    Does anyone have any ideas they do not mind sharing or any good websites etc?

    Many thanks

    (sorry for lack of paragraphs I am using chrome)
  2. inq


    Which year group?
  3. Sorry (I knew i'd miss something) - Year 6 - also all the children have difficulties staying in their seats - I am working on this as well.
  4. Surely it depends on what you are planning to teach the group? They can be expected to complete an independent activity after you have given an input.
    Please don't say that this is SATs build up with focus on children who can get a Level 4....
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Yr 6s should be quite capable. Last term where I had a similar problem we gave the children some specific questions to which they had to find the answers each lesson, building up into a mini -project about the Victorians which they were studying.
  6. No it's not in prep for SATs - at least that's not the intention at all. Although these 4 children are actually going to be dis applied for the English SATs. My TA is going to work with them first thing on a Monday morning to help 'set the scene' for the rest of the week and then work with them on a Wednesday PM.
  7. Why don't they get any input from a teacher?
  8. They will get input from the teacher as well - just not all the time.
  9. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    So you're basically abandoning these 4 children in order to get the rest of the class ready for SATs? Don't you think it's slightly more important to get these children up to a level where they will be able to cope at secondary school?
  10. Yeah but that doesn't show up on a league table. [​IMG]
    I had exactly the same thought when I first read the thread. Why else would you be asking for separate work for these 4 children at this time? Imagine you were the parent of one of those 4 children. I would be livid.
    We might be wrong in assuming this is the case. Would happily hear otherwise...
  11. Thanks for the replies.
    These children will also be taking part in other areas of the curriculum with everyone else, they also have their own targets to achieve (on their IEPs etc). My DH has said I need to find a 'project subject' that will grab these children and allow them to have ownership of something.

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