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progression across the primary age range across all subjects

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wookster, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    Please could someone talk me through how they ensure this happens in their primary school especially when looking at a creative curriculum, what do you expect to see in place with the classroom teachers/progress with the children?
  2. My school uses APP to 'ensure' this happens!
    We use APP spreadsheets for each subject area, but still teach these via thematic planning.
  3. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    ok cool, so we already have something similar then.
    Does anyone in your school monitor the planning?
  4. Can I ask where you got the spreadsheets for each subject area? I'm managing the curriculum at our school and have been desperately looking for something like this!
  5. Monitor the planning in what sense?
    Our Medium Term planning is developed in conjunction with the subject co-ordinator and class teachers. Our short term planning isn't monitored at all, but is expected to be on the system for all to see.
    The grids for APP are monitored in a loose sense by the DH, but not really examined to ensure progression by anyone but the class teacher.
  7. We were an APP pilot school under the last Government, so these grids were developed then. I am not sure who developed them, but I have never seen them in the public domain. I think they probably originally came from DFES as they are based on the curriculum that was about to be brought into law by the last Government, based on the Rose Review.
    We were piloting the idea that APP would eventually be an assessment tool for all subjects and all children, rather than the '6 children' originally sold to schools!

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