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progress of students

Discussion in 'English' started by lizfee, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Getting them to write initial ideas on a post-it at beginning of lesson and review/add to their ideas as mini plenaries during the lesson.
    Or even Q and A sessions can be used to show progress.

  2. Thanks.

    Wondering what constitutes 'good' progress. How would it be judged? Surely it's open to interpretation.
  3. POPP. Picked-on-pupil-plenary.
    At various points during the lesson, ask a kid to summarise what they've learnt so far. It's good to ask some of the weaker kids, because if they've 'got it' then so will the rest. You can ask the most able kids where they think this is going, which covers the top end too.

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