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Progress Matters

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by little.H, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Anyone using Progress Matters for tracking progress in nursery? What do you think?
  2. We have been using the age bands and statements from Progress Matters since last September, we do an immediate baseline, December, February and June updates ( as a minimum). Has been really useful and not a great deal of extra work. Also the message coming through very stongly, from EY consultants and SIP is that Ofsted will be expecting EYFS teachers to be assessing and planning for each child in relation to Progress Matters.
    Not sure what you currently do but the EYFSP does not provide enough detail for FS1 children, especially those with a very low baseline - what does a score of 0 actually tell you about that child?
    Can email you that assessment grids we use if you like.
  3. We have recently had a section 5 ofsted inspection and although i'd looked into using the 'progress matters', I have devised an assessment sheet that as a school we feel is much easier to use. We got good with elements of outstanding in our ofsted in November. At the time of the ofsted, we used the development matters ages and stages for each child and highkighted off when they had achieved it, the inspector said that was fine but needed developing so it was easy to see overall achievement, rather than have to search through each childs information. Hope this is of some use!
  4. With regard to profile score of 0, so long as there is information e.g. post its and observations to back up why this is so, and using the development matters, what the next steps in learning are, in F1, a proifile score of 0 is a worry but at least using those other sources of information, you will have an idea of the level at which that child is at. If they are at 0 by the end of F1, I would put them on an IEP for that particular area of need, then see how that goes. If it is low across the board, I would be tempted to get outside agencies onboard to help with more specialised interventions e.g. inculstion support.
  5. Sorry but what is 'Progress Matters' ?? I'm just highlighting the DM statements at the end of each half term but I do find it hard to do a baseline entry for new nursery starters
  6. We just use the Development matters for a baseline. Progress matters is a way of assessing children throughout the foundation stage really. I have seen it used and to me it appears to be a lot of work and with using the eye profile as we do, it doesn;t seem to add more information than we can get from our current assessment methods. I may be wrong but it seems to be a lot of unnecessary work!
  7. Jen would you mind emailing me the assessment grids you use please? I confess to have a lot of score 0s for baseline!!!
    Thank you so much :)
  8. Thanks would like to see a copy of your assessment grids

  9. It is a DCSF publication
  10. Hi Jen
    Would love a copy of your assessment grids if at all possible. Also what basline assessement do you use on entry to Nursery, as most of our children enter with a very low baseline score - lots of 0 so it doesn't tell us much.
    Thanks for your help

  11. Hi
    Sorry just realised that I meant the detail from Development Matters forms the content of our tracking grids.
  12. littleredbird

    littleredbird New commenter

    I've always understood it that we do not use the profile in FS1 at all, as many children will be scoring 0 and this assessment does not acknowledge their progress in the earlier stages of development matters. I haven't quite got my head around the tracker used in Progress Matters but it seems as if it would be a really useful tool for tracking development in FS1 whilst the profile does the same job for FS2.
    It's always interesting to hear how everybody goes about tackling this huge task!
  13. Hi, would you be able to email me a copy of the assessment grid you use please? lucylui101@hotmail.com Thank you. Lucy
  14. Were having that issue at our unit, alot of our children are starting nursery at a low attainment and we have been looking at how we could use it as a more effective tool to prove the children are actually making progress, we just need a way of recording it so would love a copy of the assessment grid too if you don't mind?
    gshentonuk@yahoo.co.uk Thank you
  15. I would really appreciate a look at your assessment grids if you wouldnt mind.Thanks.
  16. Hi please could i have a copy to look at. This is an area we're updating in readiness for ofsted
    many thanks
  17. Can I jump on the old bandwagon and ask for a copy too please
  18. Hi
    Can i jump on the bandwagon too please as our playgroup have sent up records using DM and i am not sure how to use them.
    Thanks in advance

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