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Programmes used in Primary digital learning

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by xxcharlottexx, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. xxcharlottexx

    xxcharlottexx New commenter

    As a new ICT ‘champion’ in my school, I’m wondering which programmes other schools are using. We have the usual Microsoft bundle, scratch and windows movie maker.

    Is anyone using a program to teach children to type? - we find this is a massive gap for our children!

    Also, how have other schools found the cash for iPads for every class or laptops for every class? We have 1 set of 30 laptops for 8 classes and only the adults have IPads... I have some fund raising ideas but if anyone has anything they’ve found successful, please share!
  2. ronnieg

    ronnieg New commenter

    Can you lease the Ipads? You don't want to be stuck with obsolete kit a few years down the line

    As for software there's loads out there - for coding you could try Kodu as an alternative to scratch further up the school. Sketchnation allows them to make games without coding.

    Look at some modelling software such as Sketchup online
    Can you get hold of some Microbits or Crumbles - plenty of resources to help you?

    Look at websites such as w3 schools - children can build own websites using HTML - again plenty of resources out there.

    If you have some money available then you can't go wrong with BLippit ( App make) of Cospaces which allows the children to build their own virtual reality worlds - one of the best websites we have bought in to.

    Look at websites like code-it , Barefoot for ideas.

    Look at Book creator online as an alternative to using word powerpoint to make books an cartoon strips.

    Hope this helps!

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