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Progesterone cream

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Complicated_Bear, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Apologies for lack of paragraphs, am on phone. Also have mentioned this on another thread so sorry if you've already read it. Been TTC for 8 months now. Been temp charting for 6 months and am concerned about my LP. I know you count CD1 from first day of full flow, but mine varies quite a bit each month, whereas every month except 1 I've started spotting at 11 dpo. Am beginning to think this is significant and would make my LP just 10 days. 3 years ago I fell pregnant by accident, and it was a chemical pregnancy. The past 2 months I've been taking 100 mg of b6 but it hasn't made any difference. Thinking now I have low progesterone, so perhaps progesterone cream could help. Does anyone have any experience of using this? Do I need to see a go first and will they be interested if I've not been trying a year yet? Thanks!
  2. Hi CB,
    I have just begun seeing a chinese doctor who specialises in fertility and acupuncture. Is this something you would consider? I had brown cm for about 4 days before AF properly started. I have seen her 3 times now and with my current AF, I had no brown cm! She says your period should just start, there should be no spotting etc before.
    There are lots of things about LP defect, low progesterone etc etc. I am not a mentalist but I really believe acupuncture can help. Chinese medicine is so different to western medicine and to me, it makes so much sense. I have read the bit about shortened LP in my book (The infertility cure) and there can be a variety of reasons for it eg having a cold uterus (are you a cold person with cold hands, feet and nose?), low levels of estrogen in the first part of your cycle, kidney and spleen deficiencies.
    This is something you could do without consulting your doctor (as I believe you would need to if you wanted progesterone cream or day 21 bloods). From what I have read online (here and FF), doctors don't believe in LP defects as a cause of not being able to concieve. My doctor told me it was normal to spot and that it wasn't a problem! I think there are other ladies who have experienced similar.
    It might be worth seeing your GP though as they might be able to get the ball rolling with regards to hormone tests for you.
    Acupuncturists can analyse your cycle based on your charts too which would be handy for you since you have that information already. I honestly think they can help.
    I swear I am not crazy!
  3. I agree with everything PF2 has said!
    I've been seeing an acupuncturist for 3 months now and really noticed an improvement. My temps have become more stable (apart from this cycle when I onle saw her twice - gone back to weekly sessions) and also the brown spotting has stopped. My GP also did not see this as a problem, but I could have spotting for up to a week before AF due, I hardly ever spot now - usually a bit the day before AF.
    I have no experience of pregesterone cream, but it may help seeing an acupuncturist who deals with fertility for a bit first. I was a bit sceptical at first, but really feel it's helped - and I find quite relaxing too!
  4. Hmm might be worth a try then. Is it pricey? And also I nay sound stupid now but does it hurt? I've always thought it must with it being needles...but then if it's relaxing then perhaps not. I have been having rehani which is a bit similar to reiki but no improvement yet and want to try anything that might help. Thanks!
  5. I won't lie, it is expensive. I pay £40 a session and I go weekly. It does not hurt - I was scared to go at first but its totally fine. I sometimes feel a pin ***** depending where she puts the needle but it is honestly not sore at all. I would give it a try at least, it's totally worth it in my opinion!
  6. Ok thanks. Don't think I can afford it...not once a week at £40 a time :-( Been reading up about LP this evening, and also taken what you both said into consideration. Had been planning on seeing GP tomorrow as I have a day off yay, and you book appointments on the day you want them, but not sure it's worth bothering now. Whether my LP is 10, 11 or 12 days, although this is on the low side of normal apparently it should be ok as long as it's not under 10, so perhaps I just need to keep being patient. WIll keep going with the B6, it hasn't made it any worse at least, and I think if nothing else it has helped lessen the cramps I get on CD 1. So, positive thinking.....month 9 will be my month!!!!!!! Really have to hope that spotting from 11dpo isn't a problem. Have gone through my charts again and spotting usually begins at 11 dpo, and AF usually begins at 12 or 13 dpo. Oh I hope that's ok!!
  7. I too had a short LP phase, wondered if it had caused my early miscarriage and was affecting me conceiving again, so I used vit B6 and used natural progesterone cream. I think I rubbed in a teaspoon sized amount every day of the second half of my cycle (after ov), and carried on until 12 weeks pregnant. No way of knowing if it made any difference, but sometimes I think it helps you to feel more in control of things.... I am now 34 weeks pregnant.
    Good luck, Sarah
  8. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I had acupuncture with this pregnancy (I didn't realise I was actually pregnant when I started). She concentrated on increasing my body temperature as this was low and I have a history of miscarrying. I also had progesterone cream.
    Once pregnant I was prescribed progesterone pessaries. And I now have a 6 month old!
  9. Hehe, well in that case, my tummy would definitely make the best place (well, places)!!
    Antoniou, good luck tomorrow, please could you let us know what you find out?
  10. Have you decided to wait a while and just try the chinese herbs for now, or have you decided to give the progesterone a try too? I couldnt' make up my mind and am too late for this cycle now, but might get some for next cycle. I am reassured that she said it couldn't do any harm, as I've seen conflicted advice online.
  11. I decided to give the herbs a go on their own first. Think I'm out this cycle as had a lot of watry blood on tissue last night and it's turned dark brown blood today. Also, my temp nosedived this morning, so not looking good.
    I might order some for next cycle.
  12. Arghh!! That's it, I'm ordering progesterone cream! Started spotting today, and I'm only at 9dpo!! It's no wonder I seem unable to fall pregnant! I usually begin spotting at 11dpo, so am very depressed to have started this early. Now, which brand to try...
    Sorry to hear you were out as well Antoniou :-( You only began the herbs recently though didn't you, so perhaps it wasn't early enough in the cycle to have an effect...
  13. I still haven't plucked up the courage to order any yet. I didn't get the herbs until CD14, which turned out to be OV day, so am hoping for better things this cycle. We'll see.

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