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Profit making schools?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by percy topliss, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    The world is your..... No need to work at for profit schools unless the location/package etc suits you down to the ground.
  2. just about to move away from a profit making school. It is a lovely school with hard working staff and fantastic children but salaries are incredibly low and teachers work very very hard. The school can get away with this as they have a monopoly in our city and people want to come and work here. It is difficult to survive on a teacher´s salary when you have children, even if you are both working and it is galling to see the school refusing to invest in improving buildings whilst class sizes GROW and GROW and GROW. We don´t have decent auditorium for example and parents tolerate it because we are the only British School in our area and teachers work really hard to get good shows together in a sports hall with bad acoustics. Basically a company is making profit by offering ´comprehensive´ facilities and charging private school fees and paying staff as little as they can get away with. No half terms either. The school recruit good young staff but retaining staff, particularly management, may become more of a challenge in the long term as the school grows and class sizes increase and the owners of the company will not give time or money to create a middle management to take on responsibitities.
  3. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I work in a for-profit school in Beijing and must say the experience has been fine. I've wanted for very little in the way of resources and things can be ordered if needed. Facilities are up to date and there are plenty of PD options. Also, we get lunches everyday and a sandwich during the late parent consultations. There was an issue with accommodation earlier in the in the year and we very put up in a very nice hotel for two and a half weeks whilst it was sorted. Of course, we are aware that there are budgets for things, just like everywhere else. However, it doesn't feel like money is the prime concern for the people you work with on a day to day basis and if it is for the management (which I'm sure in the long run it is) it doesn't feed through.
  4. StrangePanda

    StrangePanda Occasional commenter

    Aside for in recruitment approaches... it feeds through there. If it is the school I think it is, then rumour has it that higher wage earners/older teachers are not having contracts renewed in favour of younger applicants, with fewer or no dependants. Some departments have also been understaffed this year... what is the lunch like?
  5. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I don't know all the details. However, I do know some of reasons behind some non-renewals and it isn't to do with age/dependents etc. The ones I know of are young(ish) and without children. There are new staff members coming in with dependents so you may want to take some rumours with a pinch of salt. They sound a little biased.

    Lunch is normally palatable, frequently quite nice. It has improved over the year and whilst not 5*, fine considering that it's free.

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