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Profile of Music in Primary School - how to raise?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cardboardbox1, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Please may I have your tops on raising profile of Music in Primary School. How can I encourage more pupil intake of instrumental lessons etc? How can I get children perform more in assemblies? Thank you
  2. velma_kelly

    velma_kelly New commenter

    You could go down the traditional route of a recorder club- get them to play along to the songs you do in assemblies (if you do anything that would be suitable of course!) Or set up a choir- doesn't require too much preparation (as opposed to doing an instrument club) and the children get the opportunity to perform.

    As for getting more children to take up instrument lessons, I think the key is to let children know that they will have a chance to show off their talents, maybe in an end of term assembly/mini concert or something like that. Invite the parents in- they'll be dead proud. Hope that helped a bit! x
  3. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Depends what your problem is!! All our KS2 children have instrument lessons as part of the curriculum, over the 4 years in KS2 the children spend each year playing either the ukelele, brass instrument s (we offer french horn, trombone and trumpet), clarinets and percussion instruments. We have found that offering whole class instrument lessons leads to more children being inspired to take up additional peripetetic tuition-which we also arrange within school time ( we offer piano, violin, clarinet and saxaphone at the moment-depending on the demand/tuition available). Each year we have a music concert where all the children having individual lessons perform and each KS2 class also performs on the instruments we have learnt that year. The Christmas Service includes a performance from the children having individual lessons and all play in assembly several times a year as part of their performance practice.We use pupil premium finding to pay for lessons for those eligible children who wish to have private lessons. We also have a recorder club, a guitar club, a school choir and a clarinet club. All of these clubs also participate in the school music concert, with children playing individually or in small groups.

    Participation is not a problem if you have the commitment toit!
  4. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Forgot to mention! The children also perform at school events-such as sports day, school fayre etc!
  5. Studyzonetv

    Studyzonetv Occasional commenter

    The profile of music has increased massively at my school over the last 12 months. Having a new headteacher was part of the driving force behind this. In addition, we have:

    - opportunities for existing musicians to perform. This has included traditional concerts through to a 'Born to Shine' talent show, showcasing real talent...not children who can burp the alphabet!

    - more exciting (for the children) clubs, such as Rock School and Samba

    - more modern music being taught, including singing pop songs in music lessons etc.

    - raised the bar with our end of year production and leavers' service to include more music

    All in all, there's lots going on. The impact has been huge. I think we went from 10 or so children having music lessons to over 100.

    Good luck!

  6. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    I feel your pain.. music has practically fizzled out at our place. So I have had an intensive campaign and managed to drum up a new crop of instrumental learners. I did this by showing videos of cool and fab performers (a fun search on youtube) and hassling the life out of the kids and parents via letters, texts etc. I'm hoping to support them by running a practice club on Friday lunchtimes, regular performances in assembly, a special notice board with photos etc, mentions on website, newsletter etc... It just isn't part of the culture amongst the families at our school, so we have to make it as attractive as possible. The biggie is money - I persuaded the head to subsidise lessons this year. Then you can sell it as special offer (everyone likes a bargain).

    Sadly a lot of kids at our school have been put off by some dire whole-class stuff. We're not having that any more... hence we can subsidise the peri lessons.

    We're going to attempt whole-class recorders ourselves. Eek

    It's uphill work and I could weep when I read:

    'Participation is not a problem if you have the commitment toit!'


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