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Profile of Music in Primary School - how to raise profile?

Discussion in 'Music' started by cardboardbox1, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Profile of Music in Primary School - how to raise profile?

    Please may I have your tips on raising profile of Music in Primary School? How can I encourage more pupil intake of instrumental lessons etc? How can I get children perform more in assemblies? Thank you
  2. sah79

    sah79 Occasional commenter

    Get instrumental teachers to give interactive demonstrations of their instruments to the children, either in classes or assemblies to get children excited about learning them. Have a bunch of letters which say 'your child would like to learn the.....' which you give out to all the vaguely interested children at the end of the demonstration for them to take home.

    Start a choir (bribery works to get them to join - stickers/house points etc)

    Get existing instrumental learners to perform at the end of each assembly (in 1 school I worked in there was a sign-up sheet and the instrumental teachers signed up their students whenever they had a piece ready, and they performed at the end of assembly or as people came in to assembly)

    Encourage more use of songs and musical activities as part of other subject work - sing-up website has great songs to fit with every aspect of the curriculum.

    If children take music exams then either give out certificates in assembly or have them stand up and get a round of applause.

    Depending on where you are, plenty of orchestras have educational outreach projects which don't cost the school anything.
  3. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    I took my Y11s on a trip to London and got them all drunk. We made the front pages and found it generated lots of interest in our school.

  4. JoFlowers123

    JoFlowers123 New commenter

    Are you interested in taking part in the pilot for a new primary music curriculum? It would certainly raise the profile of music in your school. If you are interested, email me at joflowers123@gmail.com
  5. Gemget84

    Gemget84 New commenter

    Hi there. Does this include early years ? If so could I have more information. ?? Thanks
  6. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    Also interested if there is an Early Years component! Can you post a link to your website?
  7. Rhythmajig

    Rhythmajig New commenter

    Rhythmajig offers full lesson plans, sheet music, songs, backing tracks, resources and interactive games to teach music from year R-6. Led by characters and stories to engage children and introducing real notation, vocabulary and concepts, excellent progression between year groups is shown through whole class singing and instrumental teaching. Request a free trial today and it will be extended to October 1st to allow time to trial on your children in the new term. Email enquiries@rhythmajig.co.uk to start your free trial. www.rhythmajig.co.uk www.facebook.com/rhythmajig

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